SmartRock Field Projects

SmartRock | Field Projects

SmartRock sensor has been successfully utilized by construction companies, general contractors, consulting firms, and concrete testing lab for smart early-age quality control in new structures. Here are some of the example projects we are proud to serve. 

Stirling Project | Claridge Homes

Giatec SmartRock™ was used in this high-rise concrete structure to monitor the strength development required for formwork stripping decisions.

“It is very easy to work with the SmartRock™ sensor. It is simple to install. The mobile app makes it convenient to see the live strength value” Eric Gauthier, Site Supervisor, Bellai Construction.

Mass Concrete Footings | OLRT

Giatec SmartRock™ was installed in the Confederation Line project. The sensor was successfully utilized for temperature monitoring of mass concrete footings in the train stations. Three SmartRocks were installed at different depths to measure the temperature gradients between top, middle and bottom of the footings.

Ciena Project | Broccollini Construction

The SmartRock™ sensors were used to monitor the strength development in concrete in order to optimize the schedule of form-work stripping. The wireless sensor provided real-time information of hardening of concrete and helped the client avoid lengthy delays in obtaining the laboratory break test results.

The 199 Slater Project | Broccolinni

The SmartRock™ sensor were successfully utilized in multiple floors in this project. The wireless sensor measured and recorded the temperature from the pouring time. The mobile app was used to collect the recorded data and calculate the real-time strength of concrete in situ. This information was used to determine the timing of breaking cylinders.

“Wow, this sensor is amazing. It has helped us move the forms much faster.” Dax Buckberrough, Site Superintendent, Broccolini.  

Concrete Columns | Warlyn Construction

The temperature of concrete was monitored using the SmartRock sensors. The data was used to ensure that the concrete curing temperature did not drop below the specified limit. The engineers at Warlyn Construction were easily using the mobile app to monitor the temperature history wirelessly.

MTO Highway 416 Sign Posts | Premier North Construction

As per MTO requirements, the concrete temperature should be monitored for the highway sign post footings. The SmartRock™ sensor was utilized for continuous monitoring of concrete temperature from the pouring time. The mobile app by the Premier North Construction company to collect and share the recorded temperature history. This information was used as part of the quality control in this project.

Concrete Repair | Duron Construction

The temperature of concrete repair material was monitored using the SmartRock sensors in order to ensure proper curing and also optimizing the heating source.

Real-Time Strength Monitoring  | Flood Testing Laboratories Inc.

"Our greatest use has been confirming strength by using the maturity function in post tensioned supported decks.  The SmartRock ability to remain below the top slab elevation allows workmen to place and finish the concrete without disturbing the sensors. 

The software has been excellent in being able to determine the strength at the location at any time with the ability to share the information with the rest of the team.  We have had read sensors at distances of up to 10 meters.

We are currently using SmartRocks on two 32 story PT structures, a 44 story PT structure, and for confirming strength on a low strength mixture covering an EMAS system at an international airport.  Monitoring of the real time strength using SmartRocks has allowed us to advise airport personnel when to open a runway for use on critical 56 hour closure."

Walter H. Flood, P.E.

Smart Concrete Quality Control in 3 Easy Steps

1. Tag Sensor
Label the sensor with the tag indicating its location both on the sensor and in the mobile app.
2. Pour Concrete
After installing the sensor in the formwork, pour concrete as usual!
3. Obtain Results
After concrete setting, wirelessly connect to the embedded sensor, and view the temperature and strength.
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