Spokane Valley, Washington
Divcon Inc. is a licensed California general engineering & construction firm, performing a multitude of K-12, municipal and commercial construction projects, including: design-build on tenant improvements, general construction & commercial capital outlay services.
Project Type

The Problem

Messy and Unreliable Wired Maturity Systems

For decades Divcon Inc., a full-service general contractor based in Washington state, relied on wired maturity sensors to monitor concrete strength and maturity in the field. Eventually, they became frustrated with:

  • mislabeled wires
  • accidental cutting of wires
  • accidental damage to sensors
  • reading errors caused by wire cross-over

Finally, they decided to look for a better, more reliable way to monitor the strength of concrete in the field.

Divcon construction worker on scaffolding
Photo Credit: DIVCON Inc.

The Solution

SmartRock® Wireless Maturity Sensors for Concrete

Divcon adopted SmartRock wireless temperature and strength sensors for a 40,000-square-foot elevated post-tension podium slab deck.

They tagged 18 sensors and tied them directly to the rebar around the entire perimeter of the slab’s frame. Once connected, the sensors started sending real-time temperature and strength measurements directly to the crew’s smartphones.

The Results

Remote Monitoring & Data Sharing

Concrete temperature and strength data were recorded in the free SmartRock app (available for iOS and Android), which could be accessed from anywhere at any time by the site team. This ability to share data instantly was a big time-saver and allowed for fast and informed decision-making.

Increased Accuracy of Results

When compared to cylinder break tests, maturity sensors provided much more accurate and consistent results, thereby ensuring the complete safety and integrity of the concrete Divcon was delivering.

Reduced Liability & Unexpected Costs

With the automated reports generated by the Smartrock app, Divcon was able to show that the temperature of the ready-mix concrete never dropped.

Poured concrete curing at jobsite

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