SmartRock® Pro

The 1st
Fully Self-Calibrating
Concrete Strength
Monitoring Sensor



Your sensor now self-calibrates for you. Simply tag the sensor and install it to begin measuring concrete strength. 



Don’t let fluctuations in your mix hold you back. Determine the real-time strength of your concrete without any manual input.  


Eliminate Concrete Testing Delays

Wireless and fully embedded, build concrete structures faster, safer, and more economically with less waste from break tests.  

Let your SmartRock® Pro sensor work for you

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SmartRock® Pro is the world’s 1st fully self-calibrating concrete strength monitoring sensor. It’s wireless, fully embedded on rebar, and mix-independent, enabling concrete projects to run faster and safer while unaffected by mix fluctuations. It allows you to cut costs, eliminate delays, and produce less waste from break tests.

On a construction site, predicting daily changes becomes a challenge, especially when these variabilities affect the quality of the project. From weather conditions, to scheduling, even down to last-minute changes in your mix order and delivery, SmartRock® Pro takes it all in stride by calibrating for you. Concrete strength monitoring has never been easier with real-time results accessible remotely through the SmartRock® mobile app and on the Giatec 360™ cloud dashboard.  

Intuitive & Mix-Independent

SmartRock® Pro utilizes patent-pending Concrete Electro-Mechanical Microstructural Analysis (CEMMA) technology that enables strength monitoring by measuring concrete microstructure and eliminates the need for manual calibration of both your concrete mix and hardware. This one-of-a-kind technology works with a wide range of mix designs making it suitable for almost any type of project. Don’t let fluctuations in your mix hold you back, determine real-time strength anytime.  


With each day costing $10K-$15K, construction companies can save about 1-2 days per pour just by knowing strength results in real-time. Additionally, with concrete being delivered to site with very little visibility of the variability of the mix from truck to truck, your self-calibrating sensors will measure accurate concrete strength independently of the concrete being received. Simply tag the sensor with our free app and install on rebar before the pour. 


Discover SmartRock® Pro

Innovation in 2 essential components connected by a 50 cm cable 

1. The Probe

The Probe takes all of your measurements. This component must be installed where you would like to monitor concrete strength.

2. The Antenna

The Antenna transmits your data. It must be installed within 5 cm (2 in) from the concrete surface to maintain optimal connectivity.

Looking for our maturity sensor?

Check out SmartRock®, the world’s leading maturity wireless concrete sensor, for ASTM and ACI approved temperature and strength monitoring.


Bring confidence to your mass concreting projects.

A SmartRock®Long Range remote monitoring solution for all your mass concreting.

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