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We interview experts and leaders from the construction industry to explore the latest trends, technologies, people, practices, and organizations revolutionizing jobsites. 

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Optimizing the Pre-Construction Process with Jon Sibley of TrueBuilt

In this episode of The Construction Revolution Podcast, we sit down with Jon Sibley, the Founder and CEO of TrueBuilt. Jon has an MBA from USC Marshall and was a NCAA and Team USA athlete. In 2022, Jon and his co-founder, Julian Prokay, set out to revolutionize the pre-construction process for general contractors, subcontractors, and developers.

The TrueBuilt end-to-end software uses AI and machine learning to centralize and streamline pre-con, ultimately minimizing risk and increasing efficiency. Tune in to learn more about the TrueBuilt platform and to learn how you can leverage this technology to prepare and deliver successful projects.

Real-Time Construction Insights with Chloe Smith of Mercator AI

In this episode of The Construction Revolution Podcast, we sit down with Chloe Smith, the Founder and CEO at Mercator AI. Coming from a marketing background, Chloe is knowledgeable about the application of data analytics to gain insight into a company’s competitive environment. She and her co-founder, Hogan Lee, started Mercator AI to bring this application into the construction industry. Mercator AI connects billions of data points to provide real-time insights for general contractors, building product managers, and real estate firms. With this intel, firms can gain a competitive advantage by discovering opportunities earlier, faster, and more easily. In an ever-growing industry, having this information all in one place simplifies relationship management. Tune in as we discuss the importance and challenges of developing working relationships in construction, and how Mercator AI facilitates these connections in a fast-scaling industry.

Achieving Net-Zero Concrete with Adam Auer of the Cement Association of Canada

In this episode of The Construction Revolution Podcast, we sit down with Adam Auer, the President and CEO at the Cement Association of Canada (CAC). Adam has over 20 years of experience in environment and sustainability, 11 of them being at the CAC. The CAC represents five cement companies with clinker and cement manufacturing facilities across Canada, collaborating with governments, academics, environmental groups, construction professionals, and broader society as well as industry stakeholders to help foster sustainable change and growth. We’ll discuss how through the CAC’s Concrete Zero Report concrete producers can achieve net-zero concrete. Additionally, we’ll talk about sustainability in the construction industry and the challenges that the industry faces to reaching climate goals. If you’re interested in learning more about sustainability in the construction and concrete industries, be sure to check out the CAC’s website as well as Giatec’s Net Zero Construction Conference.

Albert Bou Fadel Headshot

Digitizing Construction Labor Management with Albert Bou Fadel of SmartBarrel

In this episode of The Construction Revolution Podcast, we sit down with Albert Bou Fadel, the Founder and CEO of SmartBarrel. We’ll discuss Albert’s previous experience in the construction industry as well as his experience as an entrepreneur in other industries. We’ll also dive into how he got the idea to revolutionize labor management on the jobsite, and the evolution of SmartBarrel. Additionally, Albert explains the importance of accurate time tracking, and how contractors of all sizes are using SmartBarrel to improve their payroll, accounting, and culture. We’ll also explore how SmartBarrel is using AI and biometrics to enhance this part of the industry, both now and in the future.

Consolidating Jobsite Project Management with Adam Stark of Jet.Build

In this episode of The Construction Revolution Podcast, we sit down with Adam Stark of Jet.Build. We discuss Adam and his co-founder Joseph’s fascinating path to developing the software and founding the company. From creating their initial software to solve challenges they were facing in their respective Real Estate Development roles, they have developed the software into a complete solution that addresses all of the operational needs on a jobsite. We’ll also dive into the future of Jet.Build as well as other exciting advancements in construction technology. Additionally, we’ll discuss how Adam’s diverse experiences, from being in the special forces to becoming a yoga instructor, helped start and grow Jet.Build.

The Future of Estimating with Melvin Newman of PataBid

In this episode of The Construction Revolution Podcast, we sit down with Melvin Newman of PataBid. Melvin co-founded PataBid in 2018 after 15 years working in the construction industry as an estimator and project manager, where he was constantly looking for ways to optimize his roles using automation and technology. Tune in to learn how PataBid is revolutionizing the way that contractors and tradespeople tender, estimate, and bid on jobs through the use of automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. And discover how PataBid’s users are able to develop better, more accurate estimates, in less time; allowing them to bid on and secure more jobs.

Andrew Fahim, Giatec Director of Research and Development

Overcoming Roadblocks to a Green Future

In this episode of The Construction Revolution Podcast, you’ll hear from industry experts and leaders on the challenges of sustainable construction, and how the industry can work together to overcome these roadblocks. This panel discussion was originally recorded in March 2022, at the NetZero Construction Conference. To hear more insightful conversations like this one, don’t miss the upcoming 2023 Net Zero Construction Conference. Registration is open now! Panel Host: Dr. Aali Alizadeh, Co-Founder & CTO at Giatec Scientific Inc. Panelists: Brianne Stewart, Construction Technology Manager at Milwaukee Tool Dr. Doug Hooton, Professor at the University of Toronto in the Department of Civil Engineering Daniella Meyer, Partner Manager at Procore Dr. Chris Shearer, Associate Professor at the South Dakota University in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Andrew Fahim, Director of Research & Development at Giatec Scientific Inc.

Redefining Marketing Within the Construction Industry

In this episode of the Construction Revolution Podcast, we sit down with Dobrila Rancic Moogk, VP of Marketing, at Giatec Scientific. Dobrila has over 25 years of experience in the tech industry in marketing, product management, and research. Dobrila leads the marketing team to drive Giatec’s mission to revolutionize the concrete industry. The company provides sustainable concrete testing technologies and has been on Canada’s fastest growing companies list for three years in a row. Dobrila discusses how she started at Giatec and her best marketing tactics for the construction industry. She dives into topics like lead generation, digital data analytics, organic marketing, and the upcoming marketing trends for 2023. Tune in to learn more about these digital marketing tactics and how they can help you take your company to the next level.


Decarbonizing the Construction Industry with Nolan Browne

In this episode of the Construction Revolution podcast, we sit down with Nolan Browne of ADL Ventures. ADL Ventures is a California based company developing and deploying new services and products on behalf of critical infrastructure incumbents. The firm is a self-described do-tank, not a think-tank, that delivers results instead of reports. ADL Ventures continues to make large contributions to the construction industry through the ABC Collaborative project. This stands for Advanced Building Construction which refers to innovative retrofit and new construction solutions that combine energy-efficient building decarbonization and streamlined industrialized construction. Tune in to learn how ADL Ventures is changing the way we think about the construction industry.

Building Safer, Greener, and More Conscious Homes with Casey Grey

In this episode of the Construction Revolution podcast, we sit down with Casey Grey of The Conscious Builder. The Conscious Builder is an Ottawa based residential construction company with a focus on promoting sustainability, comfort, and transparency in the construction industry. Casey’s mission is to make sure everybody in the world has a healthy, comfortable, and efficient home to live in. Through the Conscious Builder Academy, he is helping other contracting businesses to succeed and work towards this mission. Casey also discusses the future of the construction industry, and how building codes are changing to be safer and more environmentally friendly. Tune in to learn how the Conscious Builder is changing the way we think about residential construction.

The Future of 3D Printed Construction with Vincent Albanese and Ian Artur​

In this episode of the Construction Revolution podcast, we sit down with Vincent Albanese of COBOD International and Ian Artur of nidus3D. Nidus3D partnered with COBOD International and Habitat for Humanity to create Canada’s first 3D printed multi-unit structure made entirely with concrete using COBOD’s BOD2 construction printer. They explain how these economical and environmentally friendly 3D printed homes could become a common building style for those in need of accessible housing. Vincent describes how COBOD and their partners like nidus3D are working together to build structures around the globe faster, with less waste, and at a lower cost. Tune in to learn how COBOD International and their partners are revolutionizing the construction industry with their autonomous building solutions.

Bringing Lean Principles to the Construction Industry

In this episode of the Construction Revolution podcast, we sit down with Jonathan Harvey, Founder and Principal of The New Jobsite. Jonathan founded the company in 2019, after over 15 years on jobsites where he was constantly thinking of ways to build faster and safer, with better tools and less waste. He explains how the company helps contractors by deploying on-site productivity solutions using the 5S lean principles. Join us as he discusses trends and innovations in concrete and the broader construction industry. Learn how The New Jobsite’s Tool Management System can help you implement lean construction principles on your jobsites to make your workers happier and more productive.

Augmenting Construction Workers’ Performance Through Robotics

In this episode of the Construction Revolution podcast, we sit down with Kristi Martindale, Chief Product and Marketing Officer for Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation. She discusses how Sarcos Robotics manufactures robotic solutions for industrial construction applications. Kristi explains two of their flagship products, the Guardian XO, a full body exoskeleton designed to increase worker capability and reduce the risk of occupational injuries, and the Guardian XT, which takes the upper body of the XO and turns it into a teleoperated robot that can bring human dexterity to hazardous environments. Tune in to find out how exoskeletons and human operated robots can improve safety and efficiency on your jobsite.

The Evolution of Software Within the Construction Industry with Paul McKeon of B2W Software

In this episode of the Construction Revolution podcast, we sit down with Paul McKeon, founder and CEO of BTW Software. Paul founded the company that would become B2W in 1993, introducing the first estimating application for DOT paving projects followed by the first heavy construction estimating application built from the ground up for the Windows environment. He explains BTW’s One Platform, which includes tools for estimating and bidding, scheduling and dispatching, field tracking and analysis, equipment maintenance, as well as safety and inspections. Join us as he describes how he has grown his company from his garage and its original DOS program to the success that it is today. Learn how you can use software to connect all aspects of your project to improve efficiency and performance.

Making Coatings Sustainably with Brandon Carbol of Weatherskin

In this episode of the Construction Revolution podcast, we sit down with Brandon Carbol, President and CEO of Weatherskin Corporation. Brandon founded Weatherskin alongside his friend and business partner, Marwan Hilal. Join us to learn why Brandon started Weatherskin and to hear the fascinating stories that led to the development of their products and the various challenges that they have encountered. Brandon shares how a construction coating manufacturing company balances its core values of being eco-friendly, developing the highest quality products, and protecting its customers and their projects. He explains how their products are producing nearly zero emissions by replacing materials that are low-VOC, and low-HAP along with their wide library of coatings. Brandon also describes how Weatherskin is not only a company that just believes in producing in an eco-friendly manner, but one that is committed to sustainability throughout their organization; from R&D, to manufacturing, to packaging, and beyond.

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