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The Importance of Pre-Pour Meetings for the Success of Post-Tensioned Slabs

Pre-pour meetings are essential in the construction process, particularly when dealing with complex structures such as post-tensioned slabs. These meetings ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page regarding the concrete schedule and potential challenges. And also for specific pour requirements Let’s learn in this blog why…

Stoneway Concrete

Optimizing Concrete Operations: Is Interoperability the Key?

In the effort of optimizing concrete operations from design to pouring, the industry struggles with a pervasive challenge: the existence of data silos. Data in concrete operations often resides in closed systems, scattered across various platforms, lacking integration for efficient decision-making. This lack of interoperability hinders operational efficiency,…

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Understanding the Challenges of the Maximum Temperature of Concrete in Mass Elements

As mass concrete is now an essential part of the construction industry, it is important to consider the different factors that affect its quality and strength gain. When designing and monitoring a mass concrete mix, contractors must take special consideration to the maximum temperature that the mass element concrete will…

Artificial Intelligence in Concrete

Artificial Intelligence in Concrete: Buzzword or Buzzworthy? 

The concept of artificial intelligence in concrete is frequently discussed, yet its practical application and effectiveness remain elusive. Despite the buzz, there seems to be a lack of understanding of what industry challenges can be solved with artificial intelligence and how. Hence, there is a need to shed…

Where to Buy the Best Concrete Thermometers

Where to Buy the Best Concrete Thermometer

If you want to evaluate and select from the plethora of concrete temperature thermometers available in the market, this is the right blog for you. Before we dive into suggesting some of the best concrete curing thermometers we have come across, let’s go over a few essential questions. Learn in…


How do Concrete Thermometers Differ from Wireless Sensors?

Concrete temperature testing is a fundamental aspect of ensuring the quality, strength, and durability of concrete structures. It helps construction professionals make informed decisions during the construction process, leading to safer and more reliable built structures. Over the years, the technology for concrete temperature testing has changed for…

Maturity Cylinders

How to Install Sensors in Concrete Samples for Maturity Calibration: A Comparative Guide

Concrete maturity is a crucial metric in the construction industry, providing insights into the strength and readiness of concrete for critical operations (i.e. stripping forms, stressing cables, etc.) The installation of sensors in concrete samples for maturity calibration is a technical process that varies depending on the region…

Cold Free of Attribution

Important Considerations of Cold-Weather Concreting

Cold weather concreting presents a range of challenges for contractors, particularly when working in very low-temperature environments. One of the primary challenges is the effect of temperature on the concrete’s setting and curing process. As temperatures drop, the hydration process of concrete slows down significantly. This delayed setting…

ACI 318

A Deep Dive Into ACI 318: Requirements and Guidelines for Structural Concrete

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) publishes ACI 318 which provides the minimum requirements for the design and construction of structural concrete buildings and structures. This standard covers topics like materials, analysis, design, detailing, construction, inspection, testing, and evaluation. The ACI updates its 318 standard periodically, taking into account emerging…

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How do SmartRock® Sensors Advance the Game for Industry Professionals?

In the construction industry, precision and efficiency are paramount, and SmartRock® sensors emerge as a pivotal innovation for industry professionals. Designed to provide real-time, actionable data on concrete strength, these wireless sensors are changing how construction sites operate. They directly impact various roles and address the core concerns…

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The SmartRock® Concrete App Has It All!

In the age of rapid technological changes, it is imperative for the construction industry to be on top of the digitalization of jobsite procedures. Today, there are many options, from concrete testing devices that do not require cables or break tests to cloud-based management platforms. Giatec, for example,…

Cast-in-Place Concrete

Back-to-Basics: All About Cast-in-Place Concrete

For years, concrete structures have played a pivotal role in the expansion and development of cities around the world. From housing to office buildings, these structures are made durable and robust, and the techniques used for their construction are continuously improving. One of those techniques has been perfected…

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