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advancing concrete quality

How do SmartRock® Sensors Advance the Game for Industry Professionals?

In the construction industry, precision and efficiency are paramount, and SmartRock® sensors emerge as a pivotal innovation for industry professionals. Designed to provide real-time, actionable data on concrete strength, these wireless sensors are changing how construction sites operate. They directly impact various roles and address the core concerns…

concrete app imperial 2023

The SmartRock® Concrete App Has It All!

In the age of rapid technological changes, it is imperative for the construction industry to be on top of the digitalization of jobsite procedures. Today, there are many options, from concrete testing devices that do not require cables or break tests to cloud-based management platforms. Giatec, for example,…

Cast-in-Place Concrete

Back-to-Basics: All About Cast-in-Place Concrete

For years, concrete structures have played a pivotal role in the expansion and development of cities around the world. From housing to office buildings, these structures are made durable and robust, and the techniques used for their construction are continuously improving. One of those techniques has been perfected…

Figure 2.3 Cooling fresh concrete with liquid nitrogen

A Comprehensive Guide to Concrete Cooling Systems: Water, Ice, and Liquid Nitrogen

Concrete cooling systems are essential in construction projects that have mass concrete elements to monitor. This is because concrete generates heat during the hydration process. If not controlled, heat can be detrimental to the overall durability of the given element. Furthermore, the control of temperature during the curing…


Concrete Corrosion Repair of Reinforced Structures: Prevention and Methods

The strenuous job of planning a reinforced concrete structure does not end after your project is complete. Concrete structures can be exposed to elements like salt water, CO2 and chloride, which can penetrate the concrete all the way to the steel reinforcement, resulting in corrosion. If corrosion is…


Giatec 360™: An Online Concrete Monitoring Software for Testing Reporting

Giatec 360™ is the world’s most advanced web-based dashboard for controlling and predicting the quality of concrete pours. With this latest online concrete monitoring software, you are introduced to the next level in user management capabilities. These range from data reporting and data analytics for your SmartRock® wireless…

Bridge Inspection Corrosion Image

Understanding and Monitoring Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete

Corrosion is a natural process that occurs when the steel rebar within reinforced concrete structures rusts. In scientific terms, concrete corrosion is the “destruction of metal by chemical, electrochemical, and electrolytic reactions within its environment.” It typically forms as the concrete ages. In this blog, we will discuss…

concrete mix

Concrete Mix Design Just Got Easier

A concrete mix is a combination of five major elements in various proportions: cement, water, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates (i.e. sand), and air. Additional elements such as pozzolanic materials and chemical admixtures can also be incorporated into the mix to give it certain desirable properties. While a ready…

Half-Cell Potential Test for Concrete Corrosion

What Is the Half-Cell Potential Test?

Corrosion is a natural process that occurs when a structure is exposed to elements like CO2 or chloride, which can penetrate the concrete all the way to the steel reinforcement. This can have serious durability and safety consequences, which is why it is important to monitor corrosion using…

Hot Weather Concreting

Why Is It Important to Cool Concrete in the Summer?

Summer is a busy time for the construction industry. The warm months present a chance to get a lot done, and avoid the extensive challenges that come with cold weather concreting. However, hot weather concreting can also affect the safety and durability of your structure if you do not take…

Concrete Pouring Image

6 Ways You Know to Test Concrete Field Strength and 1 You May Not Know

When choosing a method for concrete strength measurement and concrete field strength monitoring, it is important for project managers to consider the impact that each technique will have on their schedule. While some testing processes can be done directly onsite, others require extra time for concrete testing lab…

Curing Image

Curing Techniques for Improving the Compressive Strength of Concrete

As we build concrete structures, it is important to know the ability they have to withstand compressive loading and to find ways to improve it. Therefore, this blog will delve into the advantages of three practical curing techniques to enhance the compressive strength of concrete. Pour smarter, build…

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