About Us

Giatec offers IoT solutions to the construction industry. Combining wireless concrete sensors and mobile apps, Giatec has developed smart technologies for real-time monitoring of concrete properties. This provides critical information to contractors for making efficient decisions on the jobsite saving time and money in their projects. Ready-mix producers also leverage the Smart Concrete™ cloud to optimize their mix designs having access to the concrete performance data.

Giatec also has developed advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies for the durability-based performance analysis of concrete materials, and accurate condition assessment of infrastructure. These products help engineers manage civil infrastructure by allowing them to schedule maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement operations more efficiently.

The strength of Giatec lies in its experts who have a robust understanding of the industry and solve engineering problems using the most recent research and technological tools. Our mission is to provide ethical, efficient and knowledge-based solutions to help all levels of government, structure owners, consulting and design firms, construction companies, and readymix producers.

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