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Reduce Mix Cost By up to 20%

Gain insights into mix proportions, material quality variations, and external factors to prevent overdesigning while reducing mix costs by up to 20%. Get environmental optimal solutions with AI assistant Roxi. 


AI-Powered Mix Management

Plug-and-play mix management and automated insights, allowing teams full visibility into their quality control daily, to make the most efficient and cost-effective decisions. 


Fast-Track ROI

No upfront costs, installation fees, or unnecessary time commitment. SmartMix’s cloud-based functionalities allow a seamless cost-free installation into your existing concrete operations software. 


Replace with: Experience precise concrete mix optimization with Giatec® SmartMix’s advanced mix management. Achieve the perfect blend consistently through AI-powered adjustments. Regardless of performance levels – whether exceeding or falling short – SmartMix is your solution for achieving cost-effective and environmentally efficient concrete mixes, every single time. SmartMix collects mix, material, and quality control data in real time by integrating with your concrete operations software.  

The next generation of mix management is made simpler through interoperability of systems and real-time information allowing the experts in concrete to do what they do best.  

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AI Powered Mix Management for Smarter Decisions.
Put Producers in Control.

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Maximize Saving Opportunities

SmartMix automatically amalgamates data across thousands of tickets, providing instant reports to identify opportunities and cut waste, while maintaining performance. It calculates and gives insight into the greatest opportunities for optimization across high-production mixes, which allows experts to make decisions based on what’s most impactful to their business. SmartMix users are already reducing costs by up to 20% in a single mix! 

While cement reduction is a major component of concrete mix optimizations, it is by no means the sole defining factor. SmartMix excels at providing recommendations that are both optimal in cost and environmental impact, paving the way for CO2 reduction in the long run. 



AI-Powered Adjustments

SmartMix provides optimizations of all ranges, allowing for incremental adjustments or one-time large-scale optimizations. With numerous scenarios generated in seconds, SmartMix will breakdown the changes across all options and allow you to choose what is best for your business. Save your new revision and automatically push to your batch system with the click of a button. 

Optimization Features Include:

  • Optimizing for cost, CO2, or both 
  • Benchmarking against over 200,000 mixes world-wide 
  • Adding prescriptive requirements to the mix that create viable options for optimization 
  • Adjusting mixes based on material performance trends 
  • Prescribing the necessary materials 

Maximize Savings

Reduce concrete mix costs by up to 20% with efficient mix optimization. 

Seamless Integration

Giatec is working with concrete industry leaders and experts to streamline communication and data flow across your operations, leveling-up the entire industry. The cloud-based technology of SmartMix can seamlessly integrate with other cloud-based concrete batch, dispatch and telematics solutions. This allows producers to test the system with no upfront hardware installation or cost commitments. And with SmartMix’s open API, the sky is the limit! 

Depending on your current systems setup, Giatec will advise you on the best integration points available that are cost-effective and easy to install. Currently, SmartMix is seamlessly integrated with BCMI & Marcotte dispatch users, with more to come. 


Empowering Quality Control Experts

SmartMix empowers concrete producers and QC experts to monitor material performance and detect opportunities for savings which has never been possible before. 

With AI and cloud-based technology, SmartMix not only provides adjustment opportunities, but can also accelerate the usage of Quality Control functions. Achieving the highest standard in managing your mixes has never been easier. 

Quality Control Features:

  • Manage mixes and deploy to dispatch or batch systems 
  • Manage QC data entry and reporting to ensure compliance 
  • Generate submittals 
  • Optimize aggregate gradation and blending 
  • Track cost changes 

Empowering the Experts

Intuitive user interface places experts in the driver’s seat of their mix quality and management. 


Roxi is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence for the concrete industry and has been an official Giatec member since her birth in 2019. Roxi is helping users across Giatec’s solutions detect opportunities to make greater impacts in concrete operations while also detecting any errors that are not humanly possible. While Roxi provides great insights acting as a strong tool, she acts as an advisor, not the decision maker. Roxi is trained with data from over 200,000 mixes from around the world, a database still growing every day. 

SmartMix Is Built With the Expertise of The Giatec AI Council

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