Self-Calibrating Concrete Strength Monitoring

Revolutionize concrete strength monitoring with SmartRock Pro, the 1st fully self-calibrating sensor



The SmartRock® Pro self-calibrating sensor measures concrete strength without manual calibration, with data accessible via the SmartRock app.



Utilizes Concrete Electro-Mechanical Microstructure Analysis (CEMMA) technology for in-situ strength measurement without the need for manual material input.


Eliminate Concrete Testing Delays

Gain access to real-time strength data instantly through the Giatec 360™ cloud dashboard and SmartRock mobile app at any time, from anywhere.

Concrete calibration involves determining the relationship between concrete maturity and its actual strength. This calibration are crucial for implementing maturity testing, where sensors is embedded in the concrete to monitor its temperature over time. To calibrate the concrete, test samples are taken at various stages of curing and have to undergo standard testing features to determine their compressive strength.

Compared to traditional standardized calibration methods that rely on the calibration of every mix, the self-calibrating SmartRock Pro provides you with instant real-time data without requiring manual calibration. With no guesswork nor interpretation required, you can install it and start monitoring concrete strength immediately, without unnecessary dependencies and delay.


Compared to traditional standardized calibration methods that rely on the calibration of every mix and are a calculation of strength based on temperature, self-calibration allows a thorough in-situ measurement. This can help detect any inconsistency in strength across pours, is a true indication of the concrete being delivered and ensures transparency of mix performance. This method is also extremely simple to use and does not require any special training, technician or third-party involvement.

By continuously optimizing its performance, a self-calibrating sensor enhances the reliability and efficiency of concrete strength monitoring, providing reliable data for informed decision-making throughout the construction process


A mix-independent sensor is crucial for concrete strength monitoring because it provides accurate and reliable data regardless of variations in the concrete mix. Concrete mixes can vary due to factors such as material properties, proportions, and mixing techniques. A sensor dependent on a specific mix composition may not provide accurate readings when the mix changes.

Being mix-independent, SmartRock Pro can effectively monitor concrete strength across different batches or variations in mix design. This ensures consistency in strength measurement, enabling contractors and engineers to make informed decisions about the concrete’s performance and durability. Ultimately, it eliminates the need for re-calibration.

Strength Variability

Strength variability in concrete results from factors like material composition, mixing inconsistencies, curing variations, and environmental conditions. This impacts structural integrity. SmartRock Pro detects and manages these fluctuations to ensure uniform quality and minimize waste, thus enhancing construction efficiency and sustainability.

SmartRock Pro
A Breakthrough Self-Calibrating Sensor




In post-tensioning projects, self-calibration ensures accurate and consistent monitoring of concrete strength and eliminates the need for manual calibration, enhancing overall proficiency.


High Rise

In high-rise projects, self-calibrating concrete sensors are crucial for ensuring structural integrity and safety by providing accurate and consistent monitoring of concrete strength throughout the construction process.


Highways and Roads

Self-calibrating concrete sensors are essential in highways and roads, ensuring accurate monitoring of concrete strength for durability and safety, crucial for infrastructure integrity.

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