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Our suite of hardware and software products brings advanced smart testing technologies and real-time data collection to the forefront of every jobsite, driving innovation throughout concrete’s lifecycle and providing construction workers with a whole new level of efficiency while reducing concrete’s carbon footprint.

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Wireless Concrete Sensor for Temperature and Strength Monitoring

Remote Monitoring System for Accessing Concrete Data Anytime, Anywhere

The 1st fully self-calibrating concrete strength monitoring Sensor

An Advanced Web-Based Dashboard for Monitoring and Managing Concrete Pours

Optimizing concrete mix with our AI-powered mix management software

NDT Device for Detecting and Measuring the Rate of Rebar Corrosion

NDT Device for Half-Cell Corrosion Mapping

Laboratory Device for Testing the Rapid Chloride Permeability of Concrete

Laboratory Device for Testing the Surface Electrical Resistivity of Concrete

Laboratory Device for Testing the Electrical Resistivity of Concrete


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How do SmartRock® Sensors Advance the Game for Industry Professionals?

In the construction industry, precision and efficiency are paramount, and SmartRock® sensors emerge as a pivotal innovation for industry professionals. Designed to provide real-time, actionable data on concrete strength, these wireless sensors are changing how construction sites operate. They directly impact various roles and address the core concerns of owners and developers in search of concrete quality. Pour smarter, build stronger.Get the Concrete Pour Checklist today! Download Free Checklist Understanding SmartRock SensorsSmartRock sensors are revolutionizing the construction industry with their wireless capabilities and robust data collection. These sensors are embedded in the concrete and monitor strength and temperature in real time. The data is directly transmitted to the cloud accessible by the SmartRock app or Giatec 360™. This approach to measuring concrete maturity eliminates the guesswork, allowing for accurate and timely decisions.The Diverse Roles in Construction ManagementConstruction projects are complex, with multiple professionals working towards a common goal. Field Operations Personnel, Superintendents, Operations Managers, and Concrete Quality Control officers have distinct responsibilities requiring precise and reliable information.Tailored Benefits for Each RoleField OperationsThe agility of SmartRock sensors transforms the landscape for field operations. With data sync capabilities to mobile devices, field personnel can access concrete strength metrics instantaneously. This enables swift…

ACI 207 Blog Free of Attribution

Enhancing Concrete Construction With ACI 207: Performance-Based Temperature Difference Limit and Maturity Method

In the world of concrete technology, achieving optimal performance is crucial. However, special precautions must be taken to comply with standards and have the best-finalized element. One of the critical documents that guide construction professionals in achieving these goals is ACI 207. It provides valuable insights into temperature control and best practices for Mass Concrete. In this blog, we will dive into how construction professionals can make use of the Performance-Based Temperature Difference Limit (PBTDL) outlined in ACI 207 and leverage the maturity method to optimize their concrete construction projects. Pour smarter, build stronger.Get the Concrete Pour Checklist today! Download Free Checklist ACI 207: An OverviewThe American Concrete Institute (ACI) publishes numerous documents and guidelines for construction professionals. ACI 207 is one such document that focuses on mass concrete, particularly in structures where temperature differentials can significantly impact performance and durability.Understanding Performance-Based Temperature Difference Limit (PBTDL) and its Significance One of the key aspects of ACI 207 is the introduction of the Performance-Based Temperature Difference Limit (PBTDL) to avoid either internal or external restraint. This concept is based on the thermal stress development of a concrete element. This means that if the surface cools too quickly, it can result in the…

concrete app imperial 2023

The SmartRock® Concrete App Has It All!

In the age of rapid technological changes, it is imperative for the construction industry to be on top of the digitalization of jobsite procedures. Today, there are many options, from concrete testing devices that do not require cables or break tests to cloud-based management platforms. Giatec, for example, has developed one of the most complete solutions when it comes to concrete monitoring. In this blog, let’s review the ins and outs of the SmartRock® mobile concrete app. We will discuss its use, and how you can integrate it into your project to unlock its full potential.   Pour smarter, build stronger.Get the Concrete Pour Checklist today! Download Free Checklist New to SmartRock? Let’s Sort Out the Basics!Before we delve into the complete use of the concrete app, let’s do a quick review of SmartRock as a standalone product. This wireless sensor is the best option when monitoring concrete temperature and strength on the jobsite. SmartRock is meant to be fully embedded in the rebar using a built-in strap that allows easy installation. The sensor measures temperature every 15 minutes, delivering high accuracy for quick decision-making.What’s the SmartRock Concrete App?In principle, the SmartRock mobile concrete app has been developed to connect the…

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