Build Concrete Structures Faster, Safer, and More Economically

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Eliminate Concrete Testing Delays

Fully embedded on the rebar with no wires or testing labs required, this easy-to-use, hassle-free sensor allows for quick decision making onsite and prevents unnecessary setbacks.

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Improve Data Accuracy

The maturity method, used by SmartRock, is approved by ASTM and ACI as an accurate and reliable test for measuring concrete strength onsite for more accurate results than field-cured cylinder breaks.

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Know the Status of Your Pour 24/7

With real-time data and 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities, confidently check the status of your pour and get notifications anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The World’s Leading Wireless Concrete Sensor for
Temperature and Strength Monitoring

Concrete Temperature

The frequency and amount of time you take to record concrete temperature on any project is exhausting. You want an easy way to report on the maximum, minimum, and temperature differential of your placed concrete without relying on painstakingly wired systems and data loggers. With SmartRock you get highly accurate data directly on your phone in real time!

Use SmartRock to: 

  • Monitor concrete temperature to confirm it did not exceed maximum specification
  • Track the temperature differential to verify that the difference between maximal and minimal temperature within the same concrete element stayed within specifications
  • Measure ambient (exterior) conditions

Concrete Strength

Frustrated with knowing your concrete has reached target strength but you can’t move your project ahead until you get the official data from the break tests? With SmartRock, you can monitor the strength of your placed concrete in real time on your phone. Reduce or eliminate your reliance on field-cured cylinders (or cubes) and potentially deliver your project ahead of schedule and under budget.  

Use SmartRock to: 

  • Calculate concrete strength using the standardized ASTM C1074 maturity method
  • Monitor strength at different locations on the pour to understand the conservative value of strength so you can move on in your project safely
  • Know as soon as your pour reaches its strength requirement so you can optimize field cured breaks or adjust your mix

Robust & Fully Embedded Sensor

  • Truly wireless and wire-free
  • Quick, simple, and secure installation
  • Dual temperature monitoring for easy differential analysis
SmartRock Cloud: App and Desktop

Intuitive & Easy-to-Use Mobile & Web Apps

  • Real-time and remote data monitoring 24/7
  • Proactive custom alerts and smart notifications
  • Easy live data sharing and PDF/CSV reporting

More Than a Sensor: a Complete Solution

Used in More Construction Sites Around the World Than Any Other Concrete Sensor

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Looking For Our Previous Generation?

Check out our SmartRock® 2 product page

Giatec SmartRock 2 Sensor

How SmartRock Helps

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

SmartRock Instructions Step 1: Activate and tag sensor

1 Tag Sensor

Activate the sensor and tag each one in your SmartRock app by project and section.

SmartRock Instructions Step 2: Install sensor

2 Install & Pour

Secure the sensor to the rebar in the formwork and pour concrete as usual.

SmartRock Instructions Step 3: View data

3 View Results

Open the SmartRock app to view concrete strength and temperature data in real-time or remotely using SmartHub.


Reading Range-22 to +181 °F (-30 to 85 °C)
Measurement Accuracy± 1.8 °F (± 1°C)
Measurement Resolution± 0.18 °F (± 0.1°C)
Measurement FrequencyOnce every 15 mins (for 2 months of data)

Wireless Signal Range

Up to 40 ft (12 m) For longer range options, contact us.
Temperature Cable Length12 in (30 cm) / 10 ft (3 m) / by request: 50 ft (15.2 m)
Battery LifeUp to 4 months after installation
DimensionsL: 3 1/8″ (80 mm)
W: 1 5/8″ ( 42 mm)
H: 1 1/32″ (26 mm)
Part No. Item Description
900130 SmartRock®  Sensor Sensor with 12 inch (30 cm) temperature cable, free iOS and Android application for Smartphone and Tablet, Quick user guide
900132 SmartRock®-L Long Cable Sensor Sensor with 10 feet (3 m) temperature cable, free iOS and Android application for Smartphone and Tablet, Quick user guide


The design of the SmartRock 3 sensor enables measuring temperature values at two locations simultaneously, one at the temperature probe (tip of the white cable) and one in the body of the sensor (black transmitter). The result can be visualized on the SmartRock Mobile App or the Giatec 360, a Cloud-Based Project Dashboard, where the measurements are differentiated through the “Cable” and “Body” designation.

The design of the SmartRock 3 sensor enables measuring temperature at the tip of the white cable (temperature probe) and on the body of the sensor (the black transmitter). On the sensor page of the SmartRock application or the Giatec 360 platform, users can toggle between the two temperature values identified as “cable” and “body” at the top of the page. The temperature graph will display both temperature profiles and will highlight the difference between the measurement points.

The sensor transmitter must be installed no more than 2 inches (5 cm) from the concrete surface. This is to enable strong wireless signal strength for continued connectivity to the sensor, even long after it has been installed in concrete.

When the sensor is installed inside concrete as recommended, it can transmit up to 40 ft (12 m). When the black transmitter is exposed, the range of the wireless signal can be up to 100 ft (30 m).

The sensor takes a measurement every 15 minutes, allowing it to collect data for 2 months. However, the battery life extends for up to 4 months. This enables the user to retrieve the data for an extra 2 months once the memory is full.

Yes. The sensors can be turned off to preserve battery and memory until the start of the pour, this is done by inserting the temperature probe back into the sensor body.

Yes. Please ask for customized length options when you are ordering your SmartRock package. 

The SmartRock 3 is available in two different lengths; the shorter cable has a length of 12 in (30 cm), while the longer cable can measure concrete temperature up to 10 ft (3 m) inside your concrete structure. Contact our team if you are not sure what sensor would be the best suited for your application.

The QR code on the SmartRock 3 sensor is a feature for tagging sensors on the mobile application. The application will guide you through adding new sensors to your projects. To do so, the application will prompt you to scan the QR code on the sensor.

Anytime the temperature probe (the white cable) is removed from the sensor, this activates the sensor. The LED light located on top of the sensor body will blink 3 times to indicate that the sensor was properly activated and is ready to be used.

The SmartRock 3 has three main physical components, the white cable, the sensor body, and a rubber installation strap. The activation and installation procedure was enhanced from 2 metal wires that were twisted around the rebar in the SmartRock 2 generation, to a rubber strap meant to tightly install and secure the sensor. The installation strap was specially designed to install the sensors on different sizes and types of rebar. It can also withstand 40 lbs of force.

  • The SmartRock 2 sensor was activated by twisting the two metal wires together. However, in the SmartRock 3, the sensor is activated by pulling the white cable out of the sensor transmitter (sensor body).
  • The SmartRock 3 sensor can now be tagged much more rapidly and easily using the QR code located on the top of the sensor and the SmartRock app.
  • With the SmartRock 3, temperature can be measured at two locations: at the tip of the white cable and in the transmitter, with a measuring range of -22˚F (-32˚C) to 181˚F (85˚C).
  • The green LED light on the SmartRock 3 body blinks 3 times whenever the sensor is activated, providing the end user a visual an indication that the sensor is fully functional and ready to be used.
  • The SmartRock 3 has an increased wireless signal range of up to 40 ft (12 m) when installed in concrete.

The SmartRock – Long Range has an additional wireless communication capability compared to the SmartRock. This means it can be used in the exact same way as the SmartRock with the addition of long-range capabilities for remote monitoring with the SmartHub – Long Range.

Only SmartRock – Long Range sensors are compatible with the SmartHub – Long Range.  Remote monitoring with SmartRock requires the SmartHub.

Yes, both the SmartRock and SmartRock – Long Range collect data every 15 minutes for two months. It is also possible to connect to the sensors and collect stored data from up to 4 months (for the duration of its battery life).

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