Giatec Unveils New Remote Monitoring System SmartHub™

Access Your Concrete Data Anytime, Anywhere

Ottawa, Canada: Giatec, world leader in concrete testing technology has announced the release of their remote monitoring system, SmartHub™. SmartHub™ works in conjunction with Giatec’s award-winning SmartRock® wireless sensors for concrete temperature and strength monitoring. The system was developed to help users gain access to their concrete data at any time and in any location, helping to build structures faster, safer, and more efficiently.

The SmartHub™ works by automatically collecting concrete temperature and strength data recorded by your wireless SmartRock® sensors and uploads it to the Giatec360 cloud via LTE/Wi-Fi connection. Real-time data is then synced to your team’s mobile devices, allowing you to always know the temperature and strength of your concrete. With the Hub, SmartRock® user are therefore able to eliminate unnecessary time, money, and labor associated with collecting and analyzing data.

With the Hub’s smart alert system, users can set up notifications to let them know when their concrete has reached specific temperature gradients or strength thresholds. This critical information helps optimize project schedules and identify any problems with the curing process, such as a broken-down heater and a drop in temperature. This allows for quick and informed decisions to be made.

The new SmartHub™ system comes on the heels of record growth for Giatec, as their suite of revolutionary concrete testing equipment has now been used in over 4,000 projects worldwide, including; high-rises, bridges, airport runways, dams, and mines.

SmartRock® is the leading wireless concrete sensor for monitoring the temperature and strength of any concrete pour. Unlike time-consuming and error-prone cylinder break tests, or cumbersome wired sensors, SmartRock® is simple to install and gives construction teams the most accurate information to make critical decisions in real-time. It is trusted by construction companies across the globe to help accelerate project timelines.

4 Responses

    1. Buen día, Rafael. El sensor provee mediciones de temperatura cada 15 minutos, y el tiempo de duración de la batería es de hasta 4 meses. Los datos se pueden obtener continuamente siempre que el sensor esté activo.

  1. Hi, I am very interested in your product!
    Can I please know what kind of information you are collecting? Is it only strength and temperature?
    Do you get the strength of the concrete for specific days during the construction?
    Can you continue collecting information during the lifespan of the structure? For how long can you collect the data?
    Do you provide an analysis of strength and temperature values according to the time?

    1. Hello, thank you for your question and interest. Our SmartRock sensors collect temperature data from two points independently: (i) the probe at the tip of the cable and (ii) from inside the sensor body and from that it calculates in-place concrete strength automatically using the maturity method (ASTM C1074). The sensor makes measurements every 15 minutes, allowing it to collect data for 2 months. However, the battery life extends for up to 4 months, which enables the user to retrieve the data for an extra 2 months once the memory is full. Your results and your temperature data are always accessible remotely and in real-time via the free SmartRock mobile app and the Giatec 360 platform.

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