A non-destructive concrete testing tool for detailed corrosion evaluation of reinforced concrete structures without an electrical connection to the rebar

icor tablet contour map

icor on reinforced concrete structure
icor on reinforced concrete structure
Researchers at the University of New Brunswick use iCOR to assess the Confederation Bridge in Prince Edward Island

Photo by: Michael Thomas and Ted Moffatt (University of New Brunswick)

High-Precision Sensors

Corrosion rate mapping of rebar

Corrosion potential mapping of rebar

In-situ real electrical resistivity of concrete

Ambient temperature and relative humidity


ICOR® is a unique NDT device for the condition assessment of reinforced concrete structures. It can be used for:

  • searchDetection of corrosion in the reinforcement
  • timelineMeasurement of corrosion rate in concrete structures
  • flash_onMeasurement of real in-situ electrical resistivity of concrete
  • play_arrowEvaluation of corrosion potential of rebar in concrete
  • buildRehabiliation and repair of concrete structures

Patented Technology

Giatec iCOR® benefits from the patented CEPRA technology that makes it possible to estimate the corrosion rate of rebar through a non-invasive approach. This means that the need for connecting the device to the rebar (which is the case for other commercial devices) is eliminated in iCOR®.

This makes iCOR® the most convenient and ONLY wireless corrosion rate measurement device that can be used both in the field and in laboratories.

icor vs other devices
Dr. Jose Pacheco HeadShot- Associate
“Overall I am very satisfied with this device. It has proved to be robust on-site and I am confident in the results that I see. My favorite feature is that data on corrosion rate, concrete resistivity and half-cell potential can be recorded simultaneously. These three pieces of information are essential when interpreting the rate of corrosion deterioration. I’m looking forward to getting back our team’s latest results from our current project using the iCOR.”
Dr. Jose Pacheco
Associate, CTL Group

Milad Moghaddas HeadShot-Project Coordinator/Engineer
“This is my first experience performing corrosion detection and I am very happy with the iCOR. All the results obtained from the iCOR have shown consistent results compared with other non destructive testing methods. The application is very user-friendly providing me very clear and useful information on-site which allowed me to perform time effective measurements.”
Milad Moghaddas
Project Coordinator/Engineer, QuakeWrap Inc

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