Giatec 360

An Advanced Web-Based Dashboard for Monitoring and Managing Concrete Pours

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Real-Time Data Display

Get in-depth insights into the strength performance of your concrete mixes in real-time.

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Temperature Differential Analysis​

Easily monitor the temperature differentials of the core and edge of your mass concrete element.

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Easy Report Sharing 

Safely distribute data in both PDF and CSV format, keeping all stakeholders in the loop on project progression.

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Next Level of Concrete Analysis

The Giatec 360 dashboard is the next level in data analytics, reporting, and user management capabilities for your SmartRock sensors. These user-friendly sensors are easily installed in the concrete formwork (on the rebar) before pouring to monitor your concrete’s in-place temperature and strength in real-time. The sensor data is accessible wirelessly in the free SmartRock app or remotely with the SmartHub™ device. As a desktop extension of the app, your information is synced on the Giatec 360 dashboard giving you access to numerous features that provide more insights into your projects than ever before. 

Data Analysis Features

  • Powered by Roxi™, the world’s first artificial intelligence program for concrete testing,
  • Estimate time and cost-savings of your project using Roxi.

Temperature Monitoring Features

  • Analyze temperature differentials,
  • Predict concrete temperature,
  • Obtain real time concrete temperature data,
  • Set up thresholds for your pours.

Strength Monitoring Features

  • Gain insights into the performance of your concrete mixes in real-time,
  • Easily generate calibration data in 4 different methods,
  • Validate maturity calibrations,
  • Obtain real time concrete strength data,
  • Predict concrete strength.

Management Features

Management Features

Management Features

  • Manage user access levels and protect sensitive project data,
  • Monitor multiple projects at the same time,
  • Plot data between multiple sensors,
  • Organize projects by section/pour,
  • View user activity logs and connected devices,
  • Generate PDF/CSV and other reporting options to make fast and efficient decisions,
  • And all upcoming features.


Giatec 360 is integrated with Procore and has a Rest API for easy integration into other construction management platforms. Now users can access project data like curing status and concrete maturity calibrations while sharing reports with stakeholders in their current platform of choice.

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Every time you collect your sensor data or edit and create new information on your projects from your phone all the information gets pushed to an online platform. Giatec 360 is the web-based platform used to access your project. Giatec 360 also provides users control capabilities and additional online features. 

To gain access to the Giatec 360 platform, sign up for a free  account in the SmartRock mobile app available in the Apple and Google Play stores. Contact us to unlock 3 months of free premium access. Later, you will be able to change your subscription type at any time.

There are two subscription plans available for Giatec 360. Once your company account is created, you will automatically have access to the Basic (free) Plan. Depending on your project specifications you might have some additional requirements or further analysis to do using the sensors. The Premium Plan, available for free for your first 3 months, will allow you to gain access to multiple additional features. These features include differential analysis, artificial intelligence capabilities, maturity calibration features, additional reporting, and any upcoming features. 


* To gain access to the Giatec 360 platform, sign up for a free account (ask us for a premium trial account for your first 3 months) in the SmartRock mobile app available in the Apple and Google Play stores. 

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