SmartRock® Pro vs. SmartRock: What Are the Differences?

SmartRock Pro vs. SmartRock
SmartRock Pro vs. SmartRock

Giatec has announced the release of its newest product, the SmartRock® Pro. This new sensor provides a superior solution for general contractors and producers to cut costs and save time. But, how does the SmartRock Pro differ from the well-known SmartRock® wireless sensor? In this blog, we delve into the differences and similarities between these two innovative testing technologies. 

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What Is the SmartRock Pro All About?

The launch of the SmartRock Pro is a new chapter in Giatec’s ongoing efforts to revolutionize the concrete industry. It is the first-of-its-kind and completely self-calibrating concrete sensor. Additionally, the SmartRock Pro is easy to install and it expands the functionality and capability of the currently available features of SmartRock.

Giatec SmartRock Pro


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What Is the Difference Between the SmartRock Pro and the SmartRock?

Similar to the SmartRock, the SmartRock Pro is a wireless and fully embedded sensor. However, there are a few characteristics essential to understand the latter:


To begin, the SmartRock Pro is fully compatible with both the SmartRock App and our Giatec 360™ online platform. In other words, the SmartRock Pro sensor can coexist in the same ecosystem, allowing you access to the same features.

Maturity Method vs. Self-Calibrating Sensor

SmartRock and SmartRock Pro employ different methodologies for calculating strength. The legacy SmartRock sensors rely on the maturity method to determine the strength of concrete. This requires doing a calibration prior to concrete pouring. In other words, when using a SmartRock sensor, customers would have to manually calibrate their mix in accordance with the ASTM C1074 standard. This will establish a correlation between concrete maturity and strength.

On the contrary, given that the SmartRock pro is a self-calibrating sensor, it does not require manual calibration from the user. This new sensor uses a combination of advanced temperature, electrical, and other unique metrics to determine the concrete’s strength. The SmartRock Pro can automatically detect your pouring time. All the user needs to do is tag the sensor, secure it on the rebar, pour the concrete, and observe as the sensor is calculating concrete strength in real time.

Mix Independence

Additionally, the SmartRock Pro is mix-independent and would automatically adjust to any changes in your mix design. There are times when there would be a last-minute decision to add accelerators or retarders to your mix. Sometimes, you would need new sources of raw materials at the plant. And others, you would need a water adjustment during delivery. These are common examples of mix variations that should not impact your concrete mix’s overall performance after 28 days. However, those variations could have an impact on earlier age performance. The SmartRock Pro sensors can self-calibrate and measure concrete strength independently of any last-minute modifications to your concrete. This allows you to know exactly when you can strip your forms, manage post-tension, open road to traffic, etc. Likewise, you can track mix consistency across one or multiple pours.

Less Waste

Equally important, SmartRock Pro reduces the necessity for break tests and therefore, dramatically reduces break-test waste. In time, this reduces significantly the waste caused by concrete testing.


SmartRock Pro
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Enhancing the SmartRock Sensor

It is important to note that the intent of the SmartRock Pro is to enhance the usability of the SmartRock sensor. Since this is the most recent technology in the concrete sector, we are collaborating with third-party organizations to independently validate the process and gain wider recognition.

SmartRock Pro


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