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Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
The Walsh Group, founded in 1898, is one of the largest firms for general contracting, design, finance, and construction management in North America. Walsh Construction operates regionally and works with union labor and subcontractors in the civil, building, and transportation sectors.

The Project

The Ohio State University is one of the most comprehensive universities in the U.S. Being in the top 16 public schools in the 2022-2023 ranking, research is a significant focus at OSU and one of its notable examples is the Wexner Medical Center. This leading institution serves as a complete healthcare system with multiple hospitals, clinics, academic research centers, and educational facilities that provide leading-edge research and world-class patient care.  

In an effort to fully meet the medical needs of the population in the surrounding cities, the OSU contracted the Walsh Group to take on one of their biggest projects to date, the expansion of the Wexner Medical Center. This new project involved the construction of a 1.9 million-square-foot inpatient hospital tower, the largest facility in the complex to elevate services, training for future physicians, and create a stronger connection to the OSU’s Cancer Center.

How to Adhere to the Requirements When Your Testing Equipment Is Rudimentary? 

Given the magnitude and significance of a brand-new hospital project, the Walsh Group had to be at the top of its game. The biggest challenge was to adhere to the requirements for concrete temperature control and the internal reviews of strength. Unfortunately, the monitoring system they were going to use provided data in an outdated fashion, with no options for anything else other than limited temperature measurements. During the winter, it was necessary to properly register and track the conditions to ensure the slab’s quality on metal deck pours (SOMD) and column grouting. To put it simply, the monitoring system would not be enough to take on these tasks. 

The old system required maintenance fees and its batteries did not last long enough to provide data continuously. Overall, keeping this system functional resulted in higher costs that were ultimately unreasonable given that the measurements were limited to temperature. Going the extra mile in the budget to pay for extra cables and replacements was not the ideal investment to ensure the quality of the concrete.    

OSU Must Give Credits
Photo by Walker Evans. Courtesy of Columbus Underground.

SmartRock®: A Comprehensive Solution at the Palm of Your Hand 

The Walsh Group had the dilemma of trying to figure out an efficient and cost-effective solution that would work for them. With the help of a quick email, they contacted the Giatec team who were able to provide the perfect and most complete solution, the wireless concrete sensor SmartRock®. The sensors offered a whole-package solution to their needs for temperature and strength monitoring with real-time data. The extensive line of testimonials on their hardware and easy-of-use interface demonstrated their solid reputation. Not to mention that the sensor’s wireless capabilities were just what they needed to eliminate expensive cable systems. 

While it is true that the initial investment in this state-of-the-art technology was higher than other traditional monitoring systems, SmartRock represents a higher return on investment in the long run. As a comprehensive solution, the sensors worked directly with the SmartRock mobile app and the cloud-based dashboard Giatec 360™ for accessing data 24/7, sharing reports, and managing your pours. The integration of these services proved to be of immense value for the Walsh Group, helping them to reduce labor costs while keeping the project to the highest standards.  

[SmartRock] is great for a team that has a lot of data points required for a quick schedule. The reporting also makes providing information to owners and senior management very easy!”

Alex Lande, Project Manager, The Walsh Group
OSU Must Give Credits
Courtesy of OSU Building the Future.

More Than $5,000 in Savings for Quality Monitoring Solutions and Top-Notch Industry Expert Support

The transition to a more efficient system allowed the Walsh Group to save over $5,000 on quality monitoring solutions. Another significant benefit of incorporating SmartRock sensors into the project was the improvement in the quality of day-to-day operations. The efficient rollout of the sensors eliminated the need for replacements and minimized the patching work, saving management about 5 hours every week. Additionally, management was able to easily review the reports created on the app during their site walks.

The Walsh Group trusted Giatec’s services because of its direct and immediate channel to seek assistance, the Engineering Solutions team. Our experts have a robust understanding of the industry, providing a game-changing service that includes onboarding, preliminary technical assistance, historical concrete performance data analysis for maturity schedule proposals, development of maturity curves and submittals, and on-the-job concrete temperature monitoring for high-profile projects with stringent concrete specifications. This constant support is essential in the concrete industry and has helped the Walsh Group maximize the use of SmartRock on the job site. 

The construction of the Wexner Medical Center complex has been able to run smoothly and is scheduled to open in 2026. 

Courtesy of The Walsh Group.

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