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Diegem, Belgium
Democo N.V.
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The Challenge

Democo N.V. was contracted to build the structural and roofing of The Wings, an office and hotel complex that consisted of a 3-layer underground and an 8-layer above-ground. The size of this project was approximately 93,000 square meters, with floor plates poured on site and concrete columns. Time was of the essence as the project had to be completed in the span of 13 months. Originally, the operation was intended to continue following the basic rules in construction, which meant de-moulding and stamping 7 days after concrete pouring.  

Following the typical construction, procedures became a challenge given that the process of converting traditional reinforced concrete to post-tensioning reinforced concrete requires careful consideration of time. Post-tensioning is only possible after reaching the compressive strength of a minimum of 30kN. Thus, the timing was crucial in the operation. In order to present a project that was safe and up to standard, Democo N.V. required a solution that could make optimal use of the time span between concreting the floor slab and removing the formwork.  

Courtesy of Democo N.V.

The Solution

Democo was able to find Giatec’s wireless maturity sensor, SmartRock™, with the help of BAG MACBEN, leading company in the sale and service of high-graded test devices for the construction industry. Democo started to implement the wireless sensor throughout the entirety of the project. SmartRock’s capabilities for strength and temperature measurement were ideal to solve the two main challenges for Democo. First, to execute the project with the utmost consideration of time; and second, to closely follow the post-tensioning view of the concrete strength. By using SmartRock, the team was able to successfully monitor the target resistance, which was a critical task for the post-tensioning of concrete.  

Courtesy of Democo N.V.

The Results

Giatec’s SmartRock proved to be a key tool in the construction of The Wings complex. Democo was able to meet its goals and surpass the challenges presented by time constraints in its project. Initially, the team began testing strength with concrete cubes, a process that lasted for two weeks. However, once SmartRock was introduced, the monitoring of strength and temperature began in a day.  

The Wings has become one of the most innovative building complexes in Belgium, achieving a series of awards and certifications for its high sustainability standards. Its infrastructure is designed to generate its own energy and reduce CO2 emissions. SmartRock wireless technology played a key role in the success of the project that Democo took part in, proving once again that smarter technologies guarantee the satisfaction of the customer and a positive impact on the environment.  

Courtesy of Democo N.V.

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