Mass Pour

Sundt Construction Site

Sundt Construction, Inc.

Problem In 2019, Field Engineer, Jackie Odom and Project Manager, Dinesh Allam, began work on a 3-million-gallon underground storm water containment reservoir for the San…

hilltop companies smartrock

Hilltop Companies

Unique $40 Million Music Venue For almost 80 years Hilltop has provided the construction industry with high quality materials. The company prides itself on being…

Concor Construction

Concor Construction

PROBLEM About Concor Concor Construction (PTY) Ltd. is one of the largest construction companies in South Africa with a reputation for delivering major complex projects…

Concrete jobsite with wires

The Industrial Company (TIC)

PROBLEM Relying on Expensive Wired Devices to Track Concrete Properties In an industry where every project is time-sensitive, The Industrial Company (TIC) was searching for…



PROBLEM Messy and Unreliable Wired Maturity Systems For decades Divcon Inc., a full-service general contractor based in Washington state, relied on wired maturity sensors to…

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