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Wireless Sensors Reduce Time and Costs on a Major Building Project – Leading to a New Corporate-Wide Best Practice


Control of information


Third-Party Lab Testing


Embracing innovation is at the heart of the company’s strategy for business success. “We’re always looking at new methods that will save us time, and our clients’ money, on projects while differentiating us from other contractors,” says April Smith, PCL field coordinator.

  • Aggressive project schedule on a 55-storey building
  • Testing in-situ field cured specimens is time consuming

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SmartRock with real-time information on concrete strength using wireless sensors and mobile technology. In a quest to introduce time and money saving efficiencies, the Edmonton team looked at several technologies before deciding to test SmartRock from Giatec. “SmartRock was the only solution that met our evaluation criteria,” says Smith.



On the heels of this successful test project, PCL has shared the benefits of using SmartRock across the company’s operational units. Shawn Kitt, a superintendent with PCL,  shares the opinion that there are advantages to using SmartRock anywhere the company is pouring concrete and the field crew needs to know early concrete strength. “For me personally, the next project I go to, whether it’s a bridge, a low-rise construction, or a high-rise building, if I’m pouring concrete, I’m going to seriously think about using this technology rather than field cures – just because I have seen the advantages first hand,” he says.

  • Eliminates the need for a third-party lab testing
  • Gives control of information to field crew on job site
  • Substantial time savings and project efficiencies
  • Ability to check results anytime without incurring additional costs or destruction
  • No need to do repair work on destructive testing

Get more information on PCL’s use of SmartRock™ on their website Here


“Concrete testing is a very time-consuming process that adds up exponentially when working on large, multi-floor buildings.”

Shawn Kitt


“By the time you get lab results from the first cylinder break, you could already have met strength without knowing it.”

April Smith

Field Coordinator

“If I’m pouring concrete, I’m going to seriously think about using this technology [SmartRock] rather than field cures – just because I’ve seen the advantages first hand.”

Shawn Kitt


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