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Wired Maturity Systems Requiring Expensive Specialized Readers, Where Data Was Limited to the Physical Device

A family-run business with decades of experience in construction materials testing, Flood Testing Laboratories (FTL) faced several challenges with their usual maturity monitoring systems:

  • Clunky, wired maturity systems requiring expensive, specialized readers;
  • Extruding wires vulnerable to damage and accidents; and
  • Complicated data sharing and communication with team members

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SmartRock Wireless Maturity Monitoring Systems

In their struggle to find more modern methods of concrete testing, FTL came across Giatec’s SmartRock sensors for wireless, real-time monitoring of concrete maturity. These innovative sensors were exactly what FTL was looking for, calling them “the next wave in concrete maturity technology.”

Using wireless technology, SmartRock sends real-time concrete temperature and strength information to contractors’ mobile devices using Giatec’s free app (for iOS and Android devices).

The solution eliminates the need for expensive readers and wired sensors. Instead, a small wireless “tag sensor” is attached to the rebar using a simple twist tie. Once the sensor is installed on the formwork, concrete is poured as usual. The sensor then calculates maturity and strength based on the ASTM C1074 standard.

With SmartRock, concrete temperature and strength can be monitored effortlessly from any location using any mobile device by any member of the construction team.


Greater project efficiency

Optimized project scheduling for curing, formwork removal, and post tensioning resulted in time savings and cost reductions. According to Walt III, “you couldn’t do the construction schedules that we have now without it.”

Responsive Technical Support

“They’ve been very, very good to us as far as reacting to our feedback and incorporating that into the product… They’re really responsive; really willing to listen to comments and criticism and use that to improve the product. It’s one of the reasons we’ve worked so well with them and for so long and plan to continue doing so.”

Walter H. Flood, Secretary and Treasurer, Flood Testing Laboratories.

Less Accidents on the Jobsite

One of the most important benefits of SmartRock wireless sensors according to FTL is that they reduce accidents on the jobsite. Once they are embedded in the concrete, they are out of harm’s way, so they cannot be disturbed or damaged.

No Specialized Equipment Needed to Read Data

Unlike other wireless solutions, SmartRock doesn’t require expensive, specialized equipment to access and interpret data. Data is downloaded directly to an inspector’s smartphone and can then be directly shared with contractors.

More Competitive Bidding

With the advantages provided by SmartRock, contractors and construction companies gain a significant edge over their competition.
According to Walt III, a lot of markets still haven’t picked up on a maturity process enabled by new, wireless technology. In those markets, he says SmartRock gives huge potential for contractors to speed-up their schedules and decrease their overall project costs.

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