Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson

Mariehamn, Åland Island
Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson
Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson successfully implemented Giatec’s SmartRock™ and Giatec 360™ into an 8-storey residential building project.

The Challenge

Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson was contracted to build an 8-storey residential building in Åland Island’s stunning capital of Mariehamn. As work progressed, challenges were beginning to arise as the workers had little to no experience monitoring temperatures and managing time with formwork removal. 

The speed of the operation proved to be the most important desire for the project and without prior experience, the job began to stall. With a reputable reputation to maintain Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson required something to help meet or exceed schedules, as well as an intuitive and user-friendly way of ensuring strength and temperature quotas were met.  

Courtesy of Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson

The Solution

Promptly after implementing SmartRock® and Giatec 360™ into the Solfjädern project, it began to experience significant improvements in the two domains of interest. Due to the speed of the wireless capabilities of SmartRock, the team was able to significantly speed up their cast-in-situ project. The graphing options and quick calculations of Giatec 360 improved comprehension of the pours’ strength and temperature rate so that the formwork was removed at the perfect time.  

By avoiding uncertainty surrounding the removal of formwork and a better grasp of time management, Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson saw their project in Mariehamn flourish and saved 2-3 days per story. This time improvement was not rushed due to the help provided by Giatec 360 as the workers simplified their calibration, leaving the rest of the calculations up to the Giatec 360 software.  

Courtesy of Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson

The Results

Giatec’s products proved to be the tool needed by Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson to further their success in this project and others. After adopting SmartRock and Giatec 360, Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson has experienced significant turn-around on their projects and considers the products to be their commercial secret for success. Using these tools gives them an advantage over the competition and Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson always speaks positively about the tools’ possibilities. 

With a culminating 2-3 days’ work off each storey, the Solfjädern project is well underway to finish early. With the help of Giatec’s products, the team was able to quickly and efficiently calculate the time when to remove their formwork and be sure that the required strength had been reached. SmartRock and Giatec 360 are considered their secret weapon when combatting difficult conditions and tough quotas and Byggfirma Christer Gustavsson is always ready to praise Giatec to its customers.  

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