Stoneway Concrete

Seattle, Washington
Founded in 1928 and acquired by Gary Merlino Construction Company in 1985, Stoneway Concrete is a well respected private ready-mix company in operation for over 85 years in the greater Seattle area. With several concrete batch plants in the local area, Stoneway is proud to be a concrete leader in King County and values its long standing relationships with its loyal customers, both local and international.
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Founded in 1928 Stoneway is widely recognized as one of the most innovative concrete companies in the Seattle market.

“We look for opportunities to separate ourselves from other companies through technology innovation, the quality of our product, and level of service we offer.”

Greg Mckinnon, Operations Manager, Stoneway Concrete
  • Need to differentiate low-price bidders in a competitive market
  • New and younger generation of contractors looking for technology-enabled concrete testing methods

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A drive to maintain technology leadership while bringing new innovative products to customers quickly led Stoneway to SmartRock® Plus by Giatec.

The solution allows ready-mix producers to add value to their concrete mixes by giving their customers (contractors) the ability to see the strength of their concrete in real time.

Wireless sensors placed in the formwork relay in-place concrete temperature and strength results directly from the jobsite to the contractor’s phone using the free app supplied by Giatec. Here’s what they got:

  • Real-time data on the concrete curing process (temperature, strength, maturity)
  • Wireless connectivity that sent mix calibration data from jobsite to contractor’s mobile device
  • Free on-site, one-on-one training
  • Responsive customer support and professional sales materials from Giatec
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Wrapping up, McKinnon says that with Giatec’s SmartRock® Plus solution, ready-mix suppliers have an innovative way of differentiating themselves in a competitive market while generating important new, high-margin revenue AND creating breakthrough value for contractors. “It’s a win-win situation,” concludes McKinnon.

  • Competitive differentiator based on technology leadership and innovation
  • Ability to deepen relationships with contractors
  • Attractive new high-margin revenues with opportunities to upsell

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