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Wind farm in the sunset

Building Clean Energy: Mass Concrete Temperature Monitoring with SmartRock®

As global initiatives to go carbon-neutral continue to push the demand for sustainable and renewable energy sources, many are looking to wind farms as a green solution to energy needs. Wind power has been used as an energy source for centuries – from windmills grinding grain to sailboats traversing bodies of water. However, as more and more of…

Margaret Mcdermott Bridge Construction

Dallas Bridge Margaret McDermott Eliminates Testing to Save Money

Photo by Art Davis, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons  Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit The Margaret McDermott Dallas Bridge over the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas was intended to replace the I-30 bridge built in the late 50s to early 60s….

Green Leaves against concrete wall

7 Tips to Make Your Concrete Construction Project Environmentally Friendly

Helping our customers and partners use green concrete which is an environmentally friendly way of building, this is one of our top priorities here at Giatec. It is no secret that concrete, particularly the cement in a concrete mix, can have a negative impact on the environment due…

SmartRcok vs Conventional Methods

Wired vs. Wireless Concrete Temperature and Strength Sensors

Since the commercialization of the maturity method, there have been important advancements in monitoring and computing technologies such as a simple thermocouple for concrete, wireless sensors, manual data entry, cloud sharing systems, and more. Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit When deciding between…

Concrete Coring

Coring vs. Maturity? What’s the Best Way to Test Concrete Strength?

The quality of your concrete directly depends on proper curing and accurate strength tests. While there are several different methods used to test concrete strength, not all of them are equally efficient. Below, we compare two methods of strength testing: concrete coring and concrete maturity. Get Your First…

Aerial image of construction workers on rebar

Post-Tensioning in Cold Weather Conditions

What is Post-tensioning?Concrete has compressive strength, meaning that it can withstand its own weight within a structure. However, it lacks tensile strength. Therefore, as soon as everyday loads are added to that structure, such as vehicles in a car park or on a bridge, it struggles under the…

Manhatten Skyline

All of Your Questions About Sustainable Concrete, Answered

How Does Concrete Impact the Environment?  You have probably noticed that we are big fans of concrete here at Giatec. It is an amazing, durable, and cost-effective material used around the world. In fact, concrete is the second most used material after water! Still, we are aware that no…

SmartRock app displaying data from a sensor

Monitoring Concrete Temperature With Wireless Sensors

Monitoring the temperature of your pour after placement is one of the most important steps in the construction of a concrete structure. That is why ensuring optimal curing conditions for your element is critical, especially during extreme weather conditions. The hydration process (the chemical reaction between hydraulic cement…

Giatec iCOR, MPs Corrosion innovation of the year

Offer Your Clients the Most Sophisticated Tool for Assessing Concrete Corrosion

Does your company provide condition assessment services to your clients? When was the last time your customers had an accurate understanding of the corrosion levels on the surface of their reinforcement? It’s strongly advised that annual and even semi-annual testing take place so they can understand the condition…

smartrock monitoring

Remotely Monitor Your Concrete Structures in Cold Weather

During the winter months, when snow has taken over every inch of not only your driveway, but also your jobsite, it can be incredibly frustrating to carry on with regular construction operations. Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit If you are working on…

Cold weather concrete site

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Cold Weather Concreting

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Working With Concrete in Cold WeatherAlthough contractors might wish they didn’t have perform tasks like pouring concrete in Winter, construction doesn’t stop when temperatures drop. As concrete temperature fluctuates in response to changing weather conditions, the concrete is subject to different curing conditions…

concrete pour

The Limitations of the Concrete Maturity Method

As a company that develops and produces concrete testing equipment, we can’t stress how important it is to properly test concrete with reliable equipment. In the last decade, we’ve seen the arrival of real-time sensors that make it easier than ever to gather data and put it to…

construction worker checking phone for data

Why There is a Technology Revolution Happening in the Construction Industry

What is Driving the Technology Revolution?Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “revolutionize” as to change something radically or completely.    Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit What would drive the revolution of the construction industry when the basic outcomes will remain the same?  Basic infrastructure needs have…

Post-tensioning cables

What is Post-Tensioning and How Does it Affect Concrete Strength?

Understanding Compressive Strength vs Tensile Strength  Ensuring your concrete is durable and stable isn’t just about achieving an acceptable level of compressive strength, which is the concrete’s ability to withstand loads that crush or squeeze it. You also need to consider its tensile strength, the concrete’s ability to withstand…

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