Level Up Your Project Reports With Giatec 360™ – Part 1

Let’s learn about Giatec 360 and how to make the most of this advanced web-based dashboard for monitoring and managing concrete pours.

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Giatec SR demo kit_
Giatec SR demo kit_

The construction industry is one of the busiest, most challenging, and constantly evolving industries, globally. A series of activities beginning from the designing, planning, testing, maintenance, etc., are coupled with rising demand for industrial infrastructure. The requirement and expectations of the field are set high, and the demands are more augmented than usual.  

Besides the major activities on-site, the off-site work is as equally important. Out of many tasks, report generation is a recurrent task that is vital and crucial in achieving better communication as well as producing a visual medium for the result. 

The Importance of Report Generation and Its Impact

Every organization has the need to effectively design reports which yield a direct impact and contributes to the company: 

  • Productivity 
  • Targeted Delivery 
  • Decision Making 
  • Increased communication and collaboration 

The right reporting system that contains detailed information and analytics can have a transformational effect on an organization if implemented correctly. However, in reality, generating a report itself and deciding which capabilities to utilize can be a daunting task for many organizations.  

A wide range of options exists in the market. If one can focus on each of them and identify how they align with the business objectives, then there is a proven record that the organization can increase the success of the overall business intelligence environment.  

Now, you might already wonder if there’s a possibility to meet these expectations without putting in wasted time and effort, especially when it comes to maturity, strength, and temperature differential reports that are critical to the project. The answer is ‘YES’. It is absolutely possible with Giatec 360’s web dashboard. Let’s dig deeper to learn what the Giatec 360 has to offer in the challenging world of construction. 

What is Giatec 360? 

Giatec 360 is our web dashboard that is available to help a user perform critical functions efficiently and easily. Let me put that into clearer context, Giatec 360 is the next level in data analytics, reporting, and user management capabilities. The 360 contains several data analysis features that are powered by Roxi – the world’s first artificial intelligence program for concrete testing. The 360-web dashboard is an advanced, full-fledged interface designed for monitoring and managing concrete pours.  

Now that you have learned the importance of report generation in the construction industry, take a look at look at how Giatec 360 can generate reports that can make it easier for workers to analyze the data in our next blog. The software updates all reports from your SmartRock sensors and presents them in a graphical manner that makes them visually easier to interpret. The SmartRock sensors upload all facts and figures to the cloud, which are then reflected on Giatec 360. Using this platform provides you with visually appealing real-time data which is efficient to manage. Let us learn more features that can be explored within Giatec 360 to help you complete your projects on time or sooner.  

Learn more about Giatec 360 features

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