Revolutionizing Third-Party Concrete Testing With SmartRock® Wireless Sensors

concrete testing lab
concrete testing lab

Often, third-party testing agencies face several challenges with standard temperature and strength monitoring systems. Some of these involve relying on multiple wired components and expensive concrete monitoring systems. Subsequently, concrete testing lab facilities require extra time to produce accurate data, and this presents a burden when contractors need this information right away. 

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How Can Technicians Solve This Challenge?

SmartRock® is the world’s leading wireless sensor for monitoring concrete curing and hardening. This fully embedded sensor attaches to the rebar using a built-in strap for hassle-free installation. SmartRock sensors measure the temperature development at 15-minute intervals to deliver high-accuracy data. This is advantageous for any concrete testing lab because users can make appropriate decisions regarding temperature or strength control during the curing stages of a project.  

SmartRock Benefits for the Concrete Testing Lab:

  • Wireless technology   
  • Rugged and fully waterproof, specifically designed to be embedded in concrete  
  • Two independent temperature measurements from cable and body sensors: Assign maximum and minimum temperature along with strength thresholds to enable alerts
  • Reduction of field cylinder waste   
  • Produce reports for measuring temperature differentials  
  • 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities with the SmartHub™ with up to 1000’ feet of range wirelessly  
  • Free Cloud platform for data analytics 
  • Ease of use for field installation, activation, and reporting  

What Are the Benefits for Concrete Testing Labs?

Adding value to project owners

Reduce early age field cured cylinders to enable construction activities such as post-tensioning, mass concrete, and formwork removal. 

Increase profitability 

Increase the efficiency of technicians in the concrete testing lab. They can serve multiple projects by reducing unnecessary visits to collect early-aged field samples, thus creating more bandwidth. 

Greater project efficiency 

Bring higher value to clients with greater concrete visibility and an accelerated schedule for stakeholders. Help your general contractors and concrete subtractors be more efficient while ensuring quality. 

No specialized equipment is needed to read the data 

Unlike other wireless solutions, SmartRock does not require expensive, specialized equipment to access and interpret data. Data is downloaded directly to an inspector’s smartphone and can then be directly shared with stakeholders. 

Competitive bidding 

Any concrete testing lab can provide added value solutions to owners to ensure quality, improve efficiencies, and involve all stakeholders on the job.  

Carbon reduction

Owners with access to our SmartMix™ software can reduce their project CO2 emissions. 

Our Customers Say it Better

Walter H. Flood, Secretary and Treasurer of Flood Testing Laboratories says, “SmartRock gives huge potential for contractors to speed up their schedules and decrease their overall project costs. We couldn’t do the construction schedules that we have now without it.”


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Terracon wins with SmartRock

Learn more about how your concrete testing lab can benefit from using SmartRock wireless concrete sensors.

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Got the game on? Don't miss a shot with SmartRock® in hand.

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