Top 11 Green Ready-Mix Concrete Producers in North America 

Top 11 Green Ready-Mix Concrete Producers in North America 
Top 11 Green Ready-Mix Concrete Producers in North America 

Sustainability and green movements have been quickly taking over industries, and construction is no different. Every year, 20 billion tons (10 billion cubic yards) of concrete are produced globally. This makes it the second most consumed product on earth, after water. Cement is not only the most expensive ingredient in a concrete mix, but its production is also responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions.

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Ready-mix concrete, concrete that is batched for delivery from a central plant instead of being mixed on the job site, is pre-calibrated and tailor-made to match the project’s target specs, allowing for contractors to request specifications to better control and optimize the performance of their mixes. In a construction project, ready-mix concrete producers design concrete mixes to meet specific performance criteria to reach strength targets quickly. However, concrete producers have limited data and visibility into these factors, thus lacking accurate testing and monitoring capabilities. This leads to overdesigning the concrete mixture by adding more cement than necessary to prevent potential performance issues. 

While green technology is often seen as a challenge on the jobsite, the silver lining lies in ready-mix concrete producers onboarding green values and technology. Below are the top 11 ready-mix concrete producers in North America who are leading the sustainability mission.  


2021 Estimated Revenue: $31 Billion Global, $11 Billion in North America 

Org Size: 71,000 Employees Global, 18, 000 Employees North America 

North America HQ: Atlanta, Georgia, United States 

With a rich concrete history, CRH is a leader in many domains of the concrete industry. Being the North American leader in asphalt, concrete products, and aggregate pool finishes gives the company a reputable brand for quality.  

Partnered with many sustainability-oriented organizations, CRH has expanded its use of recycled materials and has expanded the development of lower energy-intensity products in an attempt to set an example for the industry.  


2021 Estimated Revenue: 7.8 Billion North America 

Organization Size: 46,210 Employees  

North America HQ: Houston, Texas, United States 

As one of the largest in the North American industry and with over 110 years of experience Cemex has tuned its craft and knows exactly how to maneuver the concrete products industry. With global reach Cemex strives to create a better future through its customers, shareholders, and communities, knowing that innovation begins at the core.  

Acting responsibly to ensure a low impact on the environment, Cemex has taken great strides to lower its carbon emissions. Through the collaboration with communities in attempts to empower and help them Cemex believes that the time for innovation and development is now.


2021 Estimated Revenue: $815 Million North America 

Organization Size: 3,000 Employees 

North America HQ: Glendora, California, United States 

With 130 years of history in the concrete industry, Calportland prides itself on being one of the largest building materials companies in the western United States. By delivering materials on time and producing quality products Calportland is upholding its reputation. 

Calportland is also heavily committed to environmental leadership by focusing on sustainable products that not only reduce carbon emissions but also researching products that benefit the environment.  

Vulcan Materials

2021 Estimated Revenue: $5.55 Billion North America 

Organization Size: 12,000 Employees  

North America HQ: Birmingham, Alabama, United States 

Having worked on everything from residential buildings to hospitals and schools, Vulcan Materials strives to create a better community in a manner that benefits all. With having supplied projects all over North America Vulcan Materials has commendable respect for the customer and whatever their needs are.  

Vulcan Materials’ commitment to a long-term positive impact on the environment accepts responsibility as an industry leader to do better. Through a boots-on-the-ground approach to operations, they have the goal to not only meet compliance standards but exceed them.

Thomas Concrete Group

2021 Estimated Revenue: $760 Million North America 

Organization Size: 2,100 Employees 

North America HQ: Atlanta, Georgia, United States 

This independent and family-owned organization has a deep heritage in the concrete industry and has used its expertise and experience to work towards its mission to be the closest with customers and actively contribute to building a sustainable society.  

With sustainability being a focal point of its mission, the Thomas Concrete Group strives to be the leader of a more sustainable concrete industry by having industry regulations treated as the absolute minimum requirement for projects. 

Martin Marietta

2021 Estimated Revenue: $5.5 Billion North America 

Organization Size: 10,000 Employees 

North America HQ: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States 

With operations in 30 American states and Canada, Martin Marietta is a member of the S & P 500 Index and has been operating since 1961. They pride themselves on their world-class service to safety, integrity, excellence, and community. Martin Marietta is an industry leader for its accomplishments in the North American and international concrete industry.  

Their pledge to sustainable development and production derives from their core values. They believe not only in their products but also in what their products make possible.


2021 Estimated Revenue: $434 Million North America 

Organization Size: 1,600 Employees 

North America HQ: Mokena, Illinois, United States 

Having the goal of making a positive impact on individuals, their families, and the community for generations is Ozinga’s purpose. This extends beyond the concrete industry and goes into Ozinga’s commitment to society and its customers. By upholding its values of service, learning, and entrepreneurship, Ozinga serves as an example for the concrete industry.  

As their values mention, making a positive impact on the community is a mission of Ozinga’s and this can be achieved through optimizing the mix of recycled cementitious and non-cementitious materials used in unison with specially formed admixtures.  

Lehigh Hanson

2021 Estimated Revenue: $4.5 Billion North America 

Organization Size: 8,800 Employees 

North America HQ: Irving, Texas, United States 

This ever-expanding company has taken the goal of extending its reach to serve more customers than ever before and to create new options for construction in the industry. With many affiliated companies, Lehigh Hanson has a very versatile repertoire and can meet almost any construction need.  

Committed to operating in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, Lehigh Hanson strongly advocates for the need for green energy and sustainable practices to ensure a future. Aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050 their research and investments always have the environmental impact strongly considered and will always back economic strength and innovation only in ways that reduce their carbon footprint.


2021 Estimated Revenue: $750 Million North America 

Estimated Organization Size: 7,000 Employees 

North America HQ: Greenfield, Indiana, United States 

Operating and supplying a variety of projects while ensuring that safety, quality, and reliability are achieved, IMI is one of the concrete industry’s greatest as they undertake a multitude of challenges and still produce results.  

IMI’s sustainability efforts are plentiful as they aspire to be a green leader in the industry. By utilizing new technologies, they have furthered the possibilities of this aspiration and have a large effect on the surrounding environment and communities.  

Knife River

2021 Estimated Revenue: $170 Million North America 

Organization Size: 1,300 Employees 

North America HQ: Bismark, North Dakota, United States 

Knife River is a company that values its workers and puts people first, by doing so they have made a name for themselves of being the construction company to be trusted with any project. Having quality work done safely is Knife River’s goal and with a focus on community and environmental impacts, they have a bright future.  

Being ever conscious of their environmental impacts, Knife River Construction has tuned its habits to be more environmentally friendly and reduce its footprint to keep its communities for future generations.


2021 Estimated Revenue: $6 Billion North America 

Organization Size: 16,400 Employees  

North America HQ: Chicago, Illinois, United States 

Lafarge proves to be another leader in the concrete industry in North America and has given itself the goal of being the global leader in innovative and sustainable building practices while playing an essential role in environmentalism by moving to net-zero emissions. They ask themselves what kind of world Lafarge wants to live in, and they strive to make that desire a reality.  

By taking a rigorous and science-driven approach, Lafarge understands that big change cannot happen instantaneously and is the amount of many smaller changes. Knowing this, Lafarge has taken upon itself a net-zero, low-carbon solution, and the coordination of thriving communities. 

With the knowledge of concrete production’s large impact on our environment, sustainable practices have never been more important. In continuing to build and implement modern technology for concrete producers, Giatec is proud to work with and support those who share our green mission. Ready to go green? Learn more with 7 tips to make your concrete construction project environmentally friendly. 

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