environmental impact

Re-using Plastic for Corrosion Prevention

Could a Life-Saving Plastic be a Long-Lasting Solution for Concrete Corrosion?Each year, hospitals around the world throw away tonnes of plastic waste as a result…

How Concrete Can Help Reduce Air Pollution

Sulfur Dioxide Reduction and Carbon-Neutral Concrete ProductionPollution and poor air quality present many health risks to the population around the world. Approximately 5-7% of global…

Benefits to Using Recycled Tires in Concrete

How Recycled Tires Are Used to Reinforce ConcreteAlthough there have been cases of concrete structures lasting centuries (like the Colosseum), concrete produced today will realistically…

Re-Thinking Captured Carbon

What to do with Captured Carbon?With concrete being the second most consumed substance on earth (next to water), it is no secret that the concrete…

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