Workers placing concrete in cold weather

Planning for Cold Weather Concreting

As the leaves start to change, and the temperature starts to drop, construction companies are gearing up for the colder weather and all the potential…

Why cracks are formed in concrete

Evaluating Cracking in Concrete: Procedures

Article originally appeared on Bluey Technologies Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit Why Cracks Form in Concrete StructuresConcrete provides structures…

concrete maturity ebook download

Concrete Maturity Calculation Methods

Maturity is a concept that has existed since the 1950s. Since then, various equations have been proposed to  measure the maturity of concrete. This chapter…

Construction of Concrete Wall with Formwork

What is Concrete Maturity?

The maturity method is a convenient approach to predict the early age strength gain of concrete, using the principle that the concrete strength is directly related to the hydration temperature history of cementitious paste.

Never have a low break again

Never Have a Low Break Again

Never Have a Low Break AgainOne of the most frustrating setbacks that occurs on jobsites is low concrete breaks. It seems like they always happen…

SmartRock maturity sensor

Concrete Testing Goes Wireless

Testing concrete’s strength is essential, but is also messy and expensive. One needs to create test cylinders, cure them properly, transport them to the lab…

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