Engineering Solutions and Technical Support at Giatec

Engineering Solutions and Technical Support at Giatec
Engineering Solutions and Technical Support at Giatec

For over a decade, Giatec has leveraged advanced technologies such as: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions to help the construction industry redefine business models and value propositions. We integrate best engineering practices, research, and developments to achieve sustainable infrastructure constructions.

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Based on our core values of creativity, passion, and integrity, our engineers and technical support specialists have been at the forefront of excellent construction solutions and best practices. This is in line with our vision to revolutionize the concrete industry through the implementation of smart technologies that monitors concrete properties and analyzes real-time data during concrete design, production, delivery, placement, and in-service.

Engineering Support

Our strength lies in our experts who have a robust understanding of the industry and solve engineering problems using the most modern research and technological tools. We strive to provide support from real people who are empowered with real-time data. At Giatec, as much as we believe in the power of technology to drive industry success, we also know that the most powerful technology must also come with a human element. A listening ear, wise judgement calls, and real industry experience are attributes we pride ourselves in throughout your project life cycle.

Through our collaborative approaches with state Departments of Transportation and various regulatory agencies, we provide up-to-date engineering solutions. As part of our ongoing commitment to our worldwide customers, our team provides onboarding and training, preliminary technical assistance, historical concrete performance data analysis for maturity schedule proposal, development of maturity curves and submittals, lunch and learns, and on-the-job concrete temperature monitoring for high profile projects with stringent concrete specifications.

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Sustainable Residential Structures

We are committed to understanding the requirements on building projects and providing the best possible solutions to construct safe and sustainable buildings in a time-saving manner. Using the SmartRock sensors, concrete professionals enjoy the ease of having real-time data on their fingertips to make appropriate judgement calls on various critical operations on their jobsites. Our solutions ensure timely and safe post-tensioning, formwork removal, and finishing of concrete surface. Learn more about Sustainable Residential Structures

Renewable Energy Construction

Giatec engineering solutions help build safer, functional, and more efficient renewable energy facilities. From temperature monitoring in the massive foundations of wind farm infrastructure to utilizing maturity method for estimating concrete strength, Giatec takes a holistic approach to ensuring that in-place concrete temperature does not exceed standard specifications. Learn more about Renewable Energy Construction solutions

Highways, Roads & Bridges

Construction of durable roads and bridges that serve the movement of humans and goods are important, just as the service life extension of existing road infrastructure is also of great importance. We’ve got you covered! Our solutions offer you ease of quality control and timely re-opening of roads.  Learn more about Highways, Roads & Bridges

Mass Concrete Engineering

Whether you are planning on introducing liquid nitrogen into your fresh concrete mix or running cooling pipes, we provide solutions to ensure that you construct durable mass concrete that maintains maximum temperature below desired thresholds and limits the temperature differential between the core and surface of the mass element. Learn more about Mass Concrete solutions

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