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Never have a low break again

Never Have a Low Break Again

Never Have a Low Break AgainOne of the most frustrating setbacks that occurs on jobsites is low concrete breaks. It seems like they always happen…

SmartRock maturity sensor

Concrete Testing Goes Wireless

Testing concrete’s strength is essential, but is also messy and expensive. One needs to create test cylinders, cure them properly, transport them to the lab…

Concrete maturity testing

Saving Money with Wireless Maturity Sensors

The concrete strength is a critical parameter as various operations such as formwork removal and application of load depend on it. The strength measurement through conventional break test is not efficient for in situ monitoring. Learn why concrete maturity using wireless sensors can save significant QC cost in civil engineering projects.

Giatec at Bauma

Breaking Records Left and Right at Bauma 2019

Once every three years, bauma, the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building materials, mining machines, construction vehicles, concrete testing, and more, takes place….

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