Solid like a Rock

SmartRock: The Smallest Power Tool for Concrete Testing

Small but mighty is the perfect descriptor for SmartRock2™. Weighing a mere 30 grams and only 2” inches in dimension, the SmartRock2™ sensor precisely monitors concrete temperature and strength based on the ASTM C1074 maturity method. This rugged sensor is built to last while designed to improve construction of concrete buildings.

The traditional method of determining concrete strength requires laboratory equipment strong enough to break concrete samples. This is where SmartRock2™ proves to be a game changer, using these novel sensors eliminates the need to conduct break tests. SmartRock2™ is compact and equipped to conduct concrete strength testing in a non-destructive manner.

SmartRock Strength and temperature sensor used on site

SmartRock2™ sensors are manufactured for longstanding durability, made with a stellar waterproof body and nanotechnology. A bold example of SmartRock2™ ruggedness was proven when it was blasted out of shotcrete gun, surviving with no breakage. Disclaimer: As much as we love the idea, we do not endorse the use of our sensors for shotcrete ammunition.

The proper use of SmartRock2™ is still free of hassles and wires, making for a quick and coinvent installment. An accurate reading from SmartRock2™ is ensured when the sensor is placed at a depth no more than 5cm (2 inches) below the surface, however temperature readings can be conducted at any depth thanks to the 40 cm (16 inches) thermometer probe.

Activating the sensor is straightforward and nontechnical. The two metal wires located beneath the sensor are the manual on and off controls that also serve a practical purpose in providing a securing mechanism for attaching the sensor to the rebar.

Once the sensor is tagged and installed, data reports are intermittently transmitted and updated to the cloud interface every 30 minutes. Given that the SmartRock2™, can transmit data from a range of 8 meters (26 ft.), workers on-site can simultaneously collect data from multiple sensors at one time. The average battery life of each sensors is 4-5 months, which outlasts the required 28-day period for accurately measuring compressive strength. The battery-life can be preserved by switching the device off before it is scheduled for use.

Increasing the concrete’s lifespan is key, but the process of assessing its strength and maturity are also integral to the quality of the structure. Instead of breaking concrete, we want you to make concrete. SmartRock2™ is designed for stronger, faster, and more accurate concrete testing.

Unlike time-consuming and error-prone cylinder break tests, or cumbersome wired sensors, SmartRock™ is simple to install and gives construction companies the most accurate information to make critical decisions in real-time. Used in over 4,000 projects worldwide, across 80 countries, this sensor is trusted by project managers and superintendents to help accelerate project timelines and optimize construction schedules more efficiently. Learn More!