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Access Your Concrete Data Anytime, Anywhere with SmartHub™

As the leading wireless sensor for monitoring concrete temperature and strength, SmartRock™ gives you reliable and accurate data in real-time. The sensors are fully embedded in the concrete (secured on the rebar) before pouring. Temperature is constantly monitored by the sensor and is used to calculate the compressive…

Cold weather concrete pour

Why Concrete Temperature Testing Is Important During Extreme Weather

Why Concrete Temperature Testing Is Important During Extreme Weather The heat produced by concrete during curing is called heat of hydration. This exothermic reaction occurs when water and cement react. The amount of heat produced during the reaction is largely related to the composition (Table 1) and fineness…

giatec world of concrete

5 Pro Tips for Surviving World of Concrete 2020

World of Concrete, one of the largest annual construction tradeshows, is just over a month away. With an expected 1,500 companies and 60,000 registered industry professionals, this is an amazing opportunity to see new products and devices, attend skill-building workshops and educational seminars, and network with your industry…

Build high rise construction faster, safer, more economically

Reduce Delays on High Rise Construction Projects

High rise buildings are a huge undertaking—no pun intended. In terms of scale, personnel, timelines, costs, scheduling, planning, and logistics—high rise construction projects are significant investments. Each day on a jobsite including your crew, fuel, equipment, etc. can cost between ten and fifteen thousand dollars on average. Therefore,…

concrete curing

Curing Techniques for Improving the Compressive Strength of Concrete

What Is Concrete Curing? Concrete curing is the process of maintaining adequate moisture in concrete within a proper temperature range in order to aid cement hydration at early ages. Hydration is the chemical reaction between cement and water that results in the formation of various chemicals contributing to…

Contractor Pouring Concrete at Jobsite

Improve Productivity with Wireless Concrete SmartRock™ Plus Sensors

If you’ve already looked at our SmartRock™ Plus product page, then you know that this program helps ready-mix producers differentiate their company, and mixes, within the market. But this value-added solution also provides project managers and contractors with an opportunity to significantly speed up their timelines, helping improve…

Project Engineering Course: The Maturity Method

If you are looking to become an engineer in Canada or the United States, you must hold and maintain a license from an engineering regulator. Depending on the location, once your degree is obtained you must also work under a professional engineer for a number of years, and…

Roxi Giatec

Learning More About Concrete with Artificial Intelligence

One of the most talked about trends, not only in the construction industry, but in every field, is the discussion of the role of “big data”, especially when artificial intelligence comes into play. It’s undeniable that AI technology is better at handling large amounts of data than humans….

Installing a SmartRock sensor on rebar

Canadian Concrete Expo: Predict Concrete Strength Before You Pour

The use of data and analytics has permeated all aspects of construction, and concrete is no exception. The value of data and information is really showing itself in this industry. “For more than a decade, concrete contractors have been using sensors to collect data about the characteristics of…

Concrete Construction Site Using SmartRock2

The Impact of Thermal Cracking on Concrete Strength Development

Concrete temperature monitoring becomes more critical in cold weather as low temperatures decrease the rate of strength development during curing. That is why ensuring optimal curing conditions for your element is critical, especially during extreme weather conditions. The hydration process can be drastically impacted if freshly placed concrete…

Why monitor concrete temperature in cold weather

Concrete Temperature Monitoring in Cold Weather for Jobsite Optimization

Optimizing Jobsite Workflow in Cold Temperatures For many construction companies it is approaching the time of the year when dropping temperatures play a massive role in your workers day to day operations, especially where concrete is involved. To avoid compromising concrete production and placement, specific procedures need to…

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