The SmartRock® Concrete App Has It All!

concrete app imperial 2023
concrete app imperial 2023

In the age of rapid technological changes, it is imperative for the construction industry to be on top of the digitalization of jobsite procedures. Today, there are many options, from concrete testing devices that do not require cables or break tests to cloud-based management platforms. Giatec, for example, has developed one of the most complete solutions when it comes to concrete monitoring. In this blog, let’s review the ins and outs of the SmartRock® mobile concrete app. We will discuss its use, and how you can integrate it into your project to unlock its full potential.  

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New to SmartRock? Let’s Sort Out the Basics!

Before we delve into the complete use of the concrete app, let’s do a quick review of SmartRock as a standalone product. This wireless sensor is the best option when monitoring concrete temperature and strength on the jobsite. SmartRock is meant to be fully embedded in the rebar using a built-in strap that allows easy installation. The sensor measures temperature every 15 minutes, delivering high accuracy for quick decision-making.

concrete app tag sensor 2023
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What’s the SmartRock Concrete App?

In principle, the SmartRock mobile concrete app has been developed to connect the user with the data that the sensor is collecting directly on the jobsite. The information gets to the user in real-time and it’s accessible anywhere.  

The SmartRock mobile app has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that has been developed to facilitate our customers’ experience in the construction industry. This concrete app allows the user to organize the project by sections with the sensors, as well as tagging and collecting data. Plus, it is easy to sync and share data with the team members. 

Read from our customers about how using the SmartRock sensor and mobile app is taking their projects to the next level.

app project management 2023
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Other App Features

  • Free to download for Android and iOS
  • Sensors are easily tagged via QR code
  • Multi-company access to project data
  • Organize the sensors by project and pour/section
  • Receive proactive custom alerts and smart notifications
  • Create and organize concrete maturity calibration database
  • Easily generate complete PDF/CSV reports to share with team members
  • Information is displayed in the imperial and metric systems, as well as English and Spanish

What Is the Advantage of Using a Concrete App for Temperature and Strength Monitoring?

Using a monitoring system that easily connects to a concrete app brings many benefits to the construction process. It saves a great deal of time as it provides continuous data in real-time as opposed to traditional break test reports that may come much later than intended. 

The availability of data at the palm of your hand with the SmartRock concrete app is a major advantage for the success of any project. When project owners or managers read the temperature measurements on-site, they can quickly make decisions about what is needed to meet the technical requirements and guarantee concrete quality in the pouring and curing stages. Furthermore, sharing the information in real-time with your team prevents delays, enhances productivity, and helps you stay on schedule.

Interested in cloud-based platforms? Check all about Giatec 360™, the web dashboard for managing concert pours, data analytics and more!

app temperature 2023
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In summary, the SmartRock mobile app allows you to not only access the sensor data but also to facilitate and digitalize your concrete monitoring. Its friendly interface and data-sharing capabilities are just what you need to improve communication and ensure your project quality.

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Got the game on? Don't miss a shot with SmartRock® in hand.

Move faster. Cure better. It’s game on with SmartRock.

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