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A new custom 3D printable cement

While 3D printing homes still sounds like something that only happens in science fiction, the technology is coming along nicely. There are naturally a few hurdles to overcome before it becomes commonplace, but most of the pieces are already in place. Companies have developed large robots capable of…

Record Demand at Bauma 2016

Got the game on? Don’t miss a shot with SmartRock® in hand. Move faster. Cure better. It’s game on with SmartRock. Find out more today • 3,423 exhibitors from 58 countries• Approx. 580,000 visitors from 200 countries• Higher than expected order activityA seven-day show of superlatives at Bauma…

Corrosion Awareness Day

It is a never-ending problem! Corrosion of rebar in concrete is the major cause of infrastructure deterioration worldwide. April 24th is the corrosion awareness day. So, here is an article in contribution to the challenges we have dealing with corroding concrete infrastructure Got the game on? Don’t miss…

bauma Innovation Awards

Six companies and research institutions were with the bauma Innovation Award during a festive ceremony held on April 10 in the church Allerheiligenhofkirche in Munich. The award is presented as part of the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and…


Rebar Corrosion | Concept and Measurement Techniques

Rebar corrosion is one of the main deterioration mechanisms in reinforced concrete structures exposed to aggressive environments. In this video, the basic corrosion concept is presented, and various electrical methods to assess the steel corrosion in concrete are discussed.

Giatec In Denmark

Giatec’s SmartRock sensors are continuing to get adopted internationally. With sensors sold in over 25 countries since launched in November 2015, we are looking forward to further extending our smart concrete testing technologies to clients worldwide. We have been able to achieve great and quick success with the…

Kolkata Overpass Collapse

On March 31st 2016, one of the largest cities in India, Kolkata, witnessed a massive overpass collapsed. The massive structure collapsed onto a busy intersection in the commercial district of the city. According to multiple media outlets at least 20 individuals have been killed and up to 150 others were trapped after the overpass collapsed.

Concrete Hub, the educational mobile app

Click on your smartphone’s app store and type in concrete, what do you find? Nothing but endless calculator apps to help determine the amount of premixed concrete needed for a particular project. Yet the concrete industry is much more complex and intricate for those who live it everyday…

UCLA researchers turn carbon dioxide into sustainable concrete

UCLA researchers turn carbon dioxide into sustainable concrete. The new building material could transform polluting emissions into a valuable resource. A team of interdisciplinary researchers at UCLA has been working on a unique solution that may help eliminate these sources of greenhouse gases.

Corrosion is a never-ending problem for concrete

Estimates put the cost of concrete corrosion at about $9 billion annually. This article looks at the causes of corrosion and what’s being done to mitigate it and notes that ultrasonic and videoscope inspection can help determine if corrosion is occurring inside concrete.

Weak Concrete Blamed in Taiwan High-Rise Collapse

Design issues or lack of quality control? Empty oil cans were used as “construction materials” in the 17-story building that collapsed earlier this month in Taiwan following the 6.4 magnitude earthquake. Moreover, the rebar bending appeared to be performed incorrectly.

Researchers work to develop self-healing concrete

Researchers are hoping to use concrete’s natural properties to help aid in the healing process and extend the life of the material. The article summarizes much of the research into self-healing concrete.

De-icing concrete could improve roadway safety

De-icing concrete could improve roadway safety, guard against corporate espionage Got the game on? Don’t miss a shot with SmartRock® in hand. Move faster. Cure better. It’s game on with SmartRock. Find out more today January 22, 2016 by Scott SchrageA 200-square-foot slab of seemingly ordinary concrete sits…

2016 Product Catalogue

Our 2016 Product Catalogue is out! Please download it from here to see the latest smart concrete testing technologies developed by Giatec.

VIDEO: What is concrete maturity?

In this video, you will learn more about the concept and application of the Maturity Method in concrete. Maturity Measurement has long been known as an effective approach in estimating the early age strength of concrete materials.

Evolution of Bridge Inspection

A great article published by one of Giatec Scientific’s very own in this month’s issue of Concrete Engineering International associated with The UK Concrete Society. Click to read the full sized article! Got the game on? Don’t miss a shot with SmartRock® in hand. Move faster. Cure better….

Giatec RCON2 Used to Study Concrete Cracks

We are happy here at Giatec to see the RCON2 being used at Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey in such an interesting research investigation. Read more about Dr. Sahmaran’s work here. Title: Concrete Cracks Heal Themselves Got the game on? Don’t miss a shot with SmartRock® in hand….

Quite a haul: Lima concrete firm takes on massive project

They look like huge grey anchors and have been getting lots of looks recently on area highways. Got the game on? Don’t miss a shot with SmartRock® in hand. Move faster. Cure better. It’s game on with SmartRock. Find out more today Nearly 1,000 massive and oddly shaped…

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