The Top 25 Concrete Influencers to Follow in 2020


As social media platforms continue to grow, it can be overwhelming to decide who to follow. That is why we created this list of our favorite concrete influencers, five from Twitter, five from Instagram, five from YouTube, and ten from LinkedIn. These users cover many different facets of the construction industry and will provide you with a variety of knowledge. Lastly, Giatec is also active on LinkedInTwitterYouTube, and Instagram, so be sure to check us out too!

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First on our list, ConstructConnect is an amazing resource for construction information. Posting multiple times per day, this is a great account to follow for construction and technology news and information.

RandyDeutsch, Illinois, USA

In his bio, Randy Deutsch (FAIA) describes himself as an “architect, author, blogger, collaborator, connector, content curator, creator, data-driven designer, educator, facilitator; likes to alphabetize.” Randy regularly shares news and interesting photos about architecture and technology. Randy has written four books, and has two more coming out soon, Think Like an Architect and Adapt As an Architect.

TheB1M, London, UK

If you enjoy watching construction videos, The B1M is the perfect to follow. This account regularly posts short, beautiful videos of construction projects we love having on our timelines.

BobBorson, Texas, USA

Bob Borson is a successful FAIA certified architect. Bob has been posting blogs on his website, Life of an Architect, since 2010 and also has a podcast. On twitter, Bob regularly shares content from his website and updates on daily life as an architect.

HeavyEquipGuide, British Columbia, Canada

Follow Heavy Equipment Guide to stay up to date with construction, road-building and other related news.


krugerconstruction, Saskatchewan, Canada

Join 391k other users in following Kruger Construction on Instagram to see videos and pictures of a wide variety of construction tools.

toolaholic, Ontario, Canada

Another very popular account, toolaholic is run by a contactor in Toronto who shows tools and techniques on site. Many of the posts contain answers to common questions, so it is a great account to follow if you want to learn something new while scrolling through your feed.

toolgirlsgarage, Texas, USA

Tool Girl’s Garage is run by Sarah Listi, who describes herself as lover of tools. Check out this account if you enjoy pictures and videos of woodworking projects and tools.

toolpig, California, USA

For one more influential tool account, take a look at Tools Carpentry Construction for regular posts about power tools, remodeling, and restoration projects.

justaconstructionguy, Texas, USA

For our final Instagram recommendation, check out Omar’s account. Filled with fun construction videos, photos, and memes, this account is sure to bring a smile to your face whenever it pops up on your feed.


Practical Engineering, Texas, USA

Practical Engineering is run by civil engineer Grady Hillhouse. Grady does an excellent job at breaking down complicated concepts in a way that is easy to understand and fun to watch. Go to his channel for the answers to questions like: “Why Does Road Construction Take So Long?”, “Why Concrete Needs Reinforcement” or “What is Prestressed Concrete?”.

Tyler Ley, Oklahoma, USA

Tyler Ley is passionate about concrete, and with over twenty years of experience in the fields of structural and concrete materials engineering provides amazing education on his channel.

Odell Complete Concrete, California, USA

Odell Complete Concrete is a full-service contracting company that posts videos of their projects and DIY construction videos on their channel.

Michael Builds, USA

Michael is fairly new to YouTube and has quickly gained a large number of subscribers thanks to his fun and simple tutorials. Subscribe to Michael for simple instructional videos like how to make concrete bowls, or for more complex projects like a concrete counter top.

This Old House, USA

Hosted by Kevin O’Connor, This Old House is a popular and trusted resource for information about all types of home improvement. They post new and professional content on their channel weekly, making the channel an excellent resource for all types of home renovation.


Mehrtash Soltani, PHD, United Arab Emirates

Mehrtash posts civil-engineering content on LinkedIn every day. Most of these posts include stunning photos of completed projects, or interesting short videos.

Jon Belkowitz, PHD, Colorado, USA

Jon is the Director of Research and Development at Intelligent Concrete, LLC and regularly posts educational content about concrete.

Kristina Mahler, Minneapolis, USA

According to her bio, Kristina is a “Motivational executive with over 20 years’ experience in team leading, marketing strategy, sales innovation, business development, content creation, and operations know-how within the construction industry.” This is why her LinkedIn is full of interesting and inspirational photos, videos, and articles.

Marco Rosignoli, DrIng, PE, Florida, USA

With thirty-seven years of experience, Marco is an expert on bridge construction. In addition to his work in Bridge Engineering and Forensics, Marco is also a teacher and often shares informative articles about bridges.

Shmuel Shvarzblat, New Jersey, USA

Shmuel is an experienced commercial and residential builder, and his LinkedIn is full of pictures and videos of active jobsites.

Shimon Rosenberg, New York, USA

Shimon has “built, developed, and renovated over 2.5 Million Square feet of commercial space” in his career. He posts progress pictures of the various projects he is involved with, as well as short vlogs of his visits to the site.

Mark Bamberger, New York, USA

According to his bio, Mark is a builder, construction vlogger, and solution finder. Mark has some beautiful shots of in progress and completed projects on his page, as well as fun and educational construction vlogs.

Brad Leavitt, Arizona, USA

Brad is the President and Founder of AFT Construction and has a large following on LinkedIn. If you want to have stunning photos of completed real estate or drone footage of construction on your feed, Brad is a great influencer to follow.

Tom Siron, Illinois, USA

Tom is an experienced project development specialist, and his LinkedIn provides a good mix of fun and educational construction content.  

Neda Behzadineko Ward, P.Eng., Ontario, Canada

For our final recommendation, check out Neda on LinkedIn. According to her bio, she has twenty years of Canadian and Internationals experience in Oil & Gas, Mining & Infrastructure-Construction Industries. Neda’s LinkedIn is the perfect combination of business inspiration and jobsite content.

We hope you enjoyed our list and found some new influencers to add to your feed. If we missed your favorite concrete influencer, tell us about them in the comments!

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