Giatec Releases BlueRock2™ – New and Improved Concrete Humidity Sensor

We all know how important relative humidity is in concrete, more specifically concrete for flooring applications. For a few years now, our BlueRock2 wireless sensors have been an effective tool for real-time monitoring of relative humidity levels in concrete from fresh to hardened stages.

The New BlueRock2™ Sensor Goes Even Further

The second generation of BlueRock, BlueRock2, features improvements in hardware, usability, and reporting. Here’s what’s new:

  • Customizable measurement intervals: You can now use the BlueRock2 app to customize how often your sensor takes measurements. Set your device to record anywhere from every few minutes to every couple of hours.
  • Extended battery life: BlueRock2 features an improved, longer-lasting battery that can now measure up to two (2) years of data (when operating at room temperature with periodical connections to the sensor).
  • Easy reports: BlueRock2 users are now able to export reports in .pdf format (in addition to the .csv format included with the original BlueRock app.)

About BlueRock2 Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Concrete relative humidity sensor app screenshot
As the most advanced relative humidity (RH) and temperature sensor on the market, BlueRock2 is designed to be fully embedded in the concrete and to monitor concrete properties during the setting and hardening stages. Its rugged and waterproof body is manufactured to withstand the rough conditions of a concrete pour without compromising usability.

What sets BlueRock2 apart from other RH and temperature sensors?

  • Non-destructive testing capabilities: Unlike other concrete testing methods, BlueRock2 does not rely on destructive techniques such as drilling a hole in the concrete.
  • Fast assessment and results: BlueRock2 is equipped with wireless technology that sends RH and temperature data directly to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Easy installation: Installing the BlueRock2 device is as easy as tying the wires together around the rebar before pouring and fully embedding the sensor in concrete.

What Is BlueRock2 Used For?

Flooring companies rely on BlueRock2™ to monitor the temperature and relative humidity of fresh and hardened concrete in order to monitor:

  • Drying levels in concrete floors
  • Effectiveness of curing conditions
  • Optimization of flooring installation
  • Water penetration in concrete
  • Humidity gradients

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