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IoT for construction of concrete homes

IoT is Revolutionizing the Concrete Industry

When it comes to Smart Construction and Intelligent Building Operation, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a powerhouse that has revolutionized many aspects of the industry—including concrete installations and applications. Essentially, the IoT is a network of items that are embedded with sensors, electronics, actuators, and software that…

Giatec Award for Best Paper

Giatec Award for Best Paper Recipients

Winner of the Giatec Award for Best PaperNanoscale origins of creep in calcium silicate hydrates Ali Morshedifard, Saeed Masoumi, Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit Synopsis The authors propose a novel three-staged incremental stress-marching technique to study nanoscale longtime…

3D-Printed House Design - Concrete 3D Printing

How 3D Printing Has Transformed the Construction Industry

Recently, we discussed how the use of 3D printers at construction jobsites may soon become common practice. Advances in 3D-printing technologies have resulted in the ability to craft anything from chocolate and food to statues and even entire buildings. Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free…

concrete 3D printing

Concrete 3D Printing May Soon Become Standard Practice in Construction

Innovation in the construction industry has taken a whole new turn with the latest advances in 3D-printing technology. If you’re not already familiar with this technology, 3D printing involves a machine that uses concrete as its “ink” to construct buildings from the base up. Get Your First SmartRock…

Giatec Adds Four New Ready-Mix Concrete Producers to the SmartRock® Plus Family

It’s been a busy summer already for Giatec, and we’re not slowing down as we welcome four new members to the SmartRock® Plus producer family. These ready-mix producers have embraced technology by integrating wireless concrete sensors into their business models to optimize the performance of their mixes and…

Supervisor speaking to colleague at construction site

How Concrete Can Reap Solid Environmental and Economic Benefits

Made up of water, aggregate (rock, sand, or gravel), and Portland cement, concrete is the most widely used construction material. Its popularity is mainly due to the fact that concrete is flexible, cheap, and durable. Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit Unfortunately, even…

SmartRock2 Wireless Temperature and Concrete Strength Sensor

Monitor Your Concrete Slab with a Push of a Button

Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit Click the buttons above to download our SmartRock app from Google Play or the Apple App Store!On a job site, time is money and so delays can be costly. But what if making a small change could…

UAV Flying over Building - Drone Inspections

How Drones Can Work With, Not Against, Inspectors

Recent advances in drone technologies (also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs) and non-destructive testing (NDT) have led to significant changes in the way data is collected in the field, especially when it comes to structural inspections and repair/rehabilitation assessments. Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE…

Civil Engineering Graduates Celebrating Giatec Award for Best Paper

Expose Your Civil Engineering R&D on a Global Stage with Giatec

At Giatec, we believe that today’s civil engineering researchers are shaping cities of the future. Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit That’s why we have launched an annual contest to recognize innovative research and thought leadership in the world of civil engineering and…

Concrete Is Sustainable and Has a Low Carbon Footprint

Defending the Most Sustainable Construction Material: Response to CNN

A few days ago, CNN published an article entitled “Concrete is a disaster for our planet: can the building industry break its addiction?” causing an uproar from thousands of construction industry professionals. Rightly so. Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit The article, as…

Digital Construction - Smart Concrete Sensors

Choosing the Right Tablet for Your Construction Projects

In today’s digital world, the use of tablets in the business environment is becoming increasingly popular. This is true for the construction industry as well, where tablets are being used to give contractors and engineers access to data on the go during various building and infrastructure projects. Get…

Update Your SmartRock2 App - Smart Concrete Sensors

Update Your SmartRock App Today!

At Giatec, we always take customer feedback seriously in order to add value to our products and give users the best possible experience. Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new and improved SmartRock app,…

Concrete durability Strength Testing Based on Electrical Resistivity

Using Electrical Resistivity to Assess Concrete Durability

An educational video on the concept and measurement techniques of concrete electrical resistivity and its application in the durability-related studies in concrete materials. Parameters affecting the resistivity measurement are described.

Giatec Is Exhibiting at Intermat Paris 2018

Intermat Paris 2018: SmartRock® Plus Concrete Sensors on the Global Stage

Paris, here we come! The Giatec office is buzzing with activity as we prepare for the International Exhibition for Construction and Infrastructure, a.k.a. Intermat. Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit This year’s show is taking place from the 23rd to 28th of April…

Concrete Cracking Due to Water Damage

Increase Concrete Durability by Keeping Water Out

With concrete being the world’s most popular construction material, it’s clear why we must always push to find new ways of improving its inherent durability. And there’s no better to do this than to protect it from its nemesis—water. Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free…

Cold Weather Concrete Construction

Avoid Construction Delays During Shoulder Season

It’s cold out there! Shoulder season has brought record-breaking cold temperatures across Canada and the United States. Not only are these temperature fluctuations uncomfortable (to say the least), but they’re also taking their toll on hard infrastructure like buildings, roads, bridges, and tunnels. Get Your First SmartRock Concrete…

recycled tires in concrete

How Recycled Tires Can Put an End to Potholes Forever!

Concrete and asphalt are the main materials that are used to pave the roads that paint our landscapes throughout the globe and connect us to one another. Every driver, bus dweller, and sidewalk trekker knows that where there are paved pathways, there are potholes. Get Your First SmartRock…

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