4 Reasons Why Contractors Value Smart Concrete

Smart Concrete is the new, branded, concrete mix solution designed to help concrete producers improve their bottom line. But, it can only help their bottom line if contractors value the technology. Here are four ways contractors value Smart Concrete.

Maintain Control of the Schedule and Jobsite

If every project went perfectly, there would be no need for the new technology in Smart Concrete. Unfortunately, not every project goes perfectly. Smart Concrete provides real-time concrete strength so that contractors don’t have to wait on cylinder breaks before going to work. Not having to wait on cylinder breaks gives contractors control of their jobsite operations and control of their schedule.

Utilize Labor Efficiently

The Great Recession left the US with a shortage of skilled labor in the concrete industry. For a contractor then, utilizing the few resources they have wisely is important for worker satisfaction and profitability. Contractors experienced with Smart Concrete begin to be able to predict strength performance, so they can bring crews in to work at the right time. Nobody is standing around waiting for the concrete to come up to strength, nobody is sitting home.

Save Money on Heating Costs

In the winter months, concrete contractors (outside of Florida) spend money to heat the concrete to prevent it from freezing and to develop strength quickly. With Smart Concrete, contractors will know the exact temperature of the concrete, so they can dial in their heat precisely and know when the concrete is up to strength so they can turn off the heat.

Move at the Pace of the Concrete

Time is money. Moving efficiently on a jobsite helps a contractor’s profitability. Through Smart Concrete, contractors can know when the concrete is safely ready for the next step in the construction process: stripping forms, dropping tables, pulling tendons, or opening the pavement to traffic. Knowing when the concrete is ready prevents accidents and incidents caused by moving too quickly, but allows works to proceed as quickly as possible.