Giatec is Represented at the 10th Social Infrastructure Maintenance Show

Keytec at the Social Infrastructure Maintenance Show
Keytec at the Social Infrastructure Maintenance Show

Last month, Keytec showcased Giatec products at The Social Infrastructure Maintenance Show. The exhibition, held in Tokyo from July 18-20th, saw tens of thousands of attendees from the building, maintenance, and construction industry. It featured the latest technologies and innovations related to the maintenance and renewal of infrastructure.

Bringing Giatec Products to Japan

The goal of the exhibition is to showcase and improve the technology offered to ensure safe infrastructure in the future. The annual exhibition, which is heading into its 11th year, expects a record-breaking turnout with 40,000 visitors and 500 companies to attend next year.

Keytec Exhibition of Giatec Products

About Keytec

Keytec has been Giatec’s exclusive distributors in Japan for over three years. Based out of Tokyo and Kansai, Keytec sells and rents non-destructive inspection equipment to the construction industry. Concrete strength and durability has become a problem with Japan’s aging infrastructure, and Keytec is helping the renewal and maintenance of infrastructure by providing the most advanced technologies to monitor concrete.

Their booth showcased all of Giatec’s products, from smart concrete sensors to advanced NDT technologies. The company focused on showcasing products relating to corrosion by putting emphasis on the iCOR wireless NDT corrosion detection device and the XCell half-cell corrosion mapping device. You can learn more about these corrosion detection products on Keytec’s website here:
Keytec attends many exhibitions across Japan every year. You can find their booth next at the Construction & Survey Productivity Improvement EXPO from August 28th to 30th.

Giatec has dealers in more than 20 countries who showcase products at events and exhibitions like this one.

Local representatives have been a key part of Giatec’s success in markets outside of North America. Keytec is one of many distributors attending events on behalf of Giatec to ensure we have full market visibility.
Sarah McGuire Sales & Business Development Manager

Giatec’s worldwide dealer network supplies and supports our products throughout the world. Contact us for the authorized dealer in your country.

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