Giatec® Signs Contract to Receive Heidelberg Materials IP and Concrete Data to Help Train the World’s Most Powerful Concrete AI Program

Giatec® Signs Contract to Receive Heidelberg Materials IP and Concrete Data to Help Train the World’s Most Powerful Concrete AI Program
Giatec® Signs Contract to Receive Heidelberg Materials IP and Concrete Data to Help Train the World’s Most Powerful Concrete AI Program

Heidelberg Materials joins Giatec’s AI-Council to share data and expertise on mix optimization, helping create the ultimate concrete cost and CO2 footprint-reducing AI-based platform. 


OTTAWA, Canada: Giatec®, world leader in concrete testing technologies, announces a game-changing contract with partner, Heidelberg Materials, a leading global supplier of construction materials, to propel digitalization and technology penetration in the concrete industry. Through this agreement, Heidelberg Materials joins Giatec’s AI-Council to begin sharing its concrete data, contributing its expert knowledge on mix optimization, and releasing its Dynamic Mix Control IP while sharing valuable quality control and mix design data on a continuous basis.  

This data, added to the world’s largest data set, will further train Giatec’s AI Platform, Roxi™, advancing the capabilities of SmartMix™. SmartMix is a mix management software enabling producers to optimize concrete mix designs and analyze performance to reduce mix costs, cement usage, and the resulting CO2 footprint. Backed by Roxi’s machine learning algorithms, the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence (AI) program and the first created for concrete data analysis, SmartMix can provide new insights into predictive concrete performance. 

“Giatec and Heidelberg Materials will now be able to provide our customers with superior concrete mix optimization for all possible unique applications. This will not only improve the performance of the concrete but also reduce costs and improve sustainability,” said Dennis Lentz, Chief Digital Officer at Heidelberg Materials. “We believe that our expertise in mix optimization will be a valuable asset to Giatec and our combined customers, furthering our digitalization and sustainability leadership.” 

As part of the signed deal, Heidelberg Materials is set to share its Dynamic Mix Control IP, their algorithm that enables precise and efficient mix recipes, to further train Roxi. 19 ready-mixed concrete producers, who make up Giatec’s AI Council, have been contributing their concrete data over 5 years to advance this effort. With Heidelberg Materials as the newest member, they are primed to deliver hundreds of mix design recipes weekly, adding to their 177,672 new entries already delivered.  

Pouria Ghods, CEO of Giatec, says, “Receiving Heidelberg Materials’ concrete data is a powerful move for Giatec as it allows us to provide our customers with the most advanced AI-based solutions for concrete testing and access to the latest advancements in mix optimization technology, enabling them to create stronger, more durable concrete with a lower carbon footprint.” 


About Giatec  

Giatec is a global company revolutionizing the construction industry by bringing smart testing technologies and real-time collection and analysis of concrete data from production and delivery to placement. Giatec’s suite of hardware & software products has leveraged advanced technologies such as; Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), including; wireless concrete sensors, mobile apps, and advanced non-destructive technologies (NDT) to drive innovation throughout concrete’s lifecycle and reduce concrete’s carbon footprint. For more information, visit 



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