Giatec® Launches an Accelerated International Expansion in Partnership with Heidelberg Materials 


Giatec exhibits at Bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany to cement the Heidelberg Materials’ partnership with enhanced global development. 


OTTAWA, Canada – Giatec®, world leader in concrete testing technologies, will be attending in full force at Bauma 2022, exhibiting their newly improved line of SmartRock® sensors and AI-based software. With Giatec’s recent announcement of a partnership with Heidelberg Materials, their presence at Bauma further cements the joined efforts towards an accelerated international strategy with a shared goal of expanding global digitalization and reducing concrete’s carbon footprint. Heidelberg Materials is one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturers of building materials and solutions. As they continue to expand their digital offerings with Giatec’s technology, the company is creating a best-in-class digital experience for their customers.   

Giatec is propelling the development and adoption of industry-leading technology, along with the recently launched SmartMix™, to reduce concrete carbon footprint and optimize processes for its ready-mixed concrete customers. With a combination of Giatec’s proprietary smart sensors and AI algorithms, real-time sensor data enables concrete producers to optimize concrete mixes, with up to 20% cement reduction. This translates to a significant reduction in global CO2 emissions equivalent to taking millions of cars off the road.   

With partnerships quickly forming between Giatec and Heidelberg Materials’ regional offices, Giatec products are currently being implemented in over 9,000 construction projects across 85 countries worldwide.  

“Heidelberg Materials’ strategic partnership with Giatec is quickly developing a widespread international expansion of best-in-class concrete technology. With our global reach and on-the-ground operations in over 40 countries, our shared vision of expanding digitalization and reducing the concrete carbon footprint is moving the concrete industry forward. Giatec’s combination of unparalleled sensor technology and AI-based software enables significant efficiency and sustainability improvements from the plant to the job site,” says Dennis Lentz, Chief Digital Officer, Member of the Managing Board, HeidelbergCement AG. 

“Among all the major industry players, we are excited to work with Heidelberg Materials as we share the same vision. We are already seeing meaningful results from our partnership as our teams work confidently towards revolutionizing the concrete industry with cutting-edge software solutions for all concrete producers worldwide. Our presence at Bauma this year only solidifies this goal,” says Pouria Ghods, CEO and Co-founder, Giatec.   

Find Giatec at Bauma 2022, at the Trade Fair Center Messe München, Munich, Germany, hall B3, booth #302, from October 24-30.  


About Giatec  

Giatec is a global company revolutionizing the construction industry by bringing smart testing technologies and real-time collection and analysis of concrete data from production and delivery to placement. Giatec’s suite of hardware & software products has leveraged advanced technologies such as; Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), including; wireless concrete sensors, mobile apps, and advanced non-destructive technologies (NDT) to drive innovation throughout concrete’s lifecycle and reduce concrete’s carbon footprint. For more information, visit  


Media Contact  

Dobrila Moogk, Vice President, Marketing   

Tel: +1 (877) 497-6278 ext. 9280   

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