SmartRock para Control de Calidad de Hormigón

El Giatec SmartRock® es un sensor que permite determinar la resistencia a la compresión estimada, basado en la madurez de hormigón, al registrar la temperatura…

Asbestos in Old Concrete Buildings

When contractors have a job that entails demolition of an old concrete building from the early 1900’s one issue arises with respect to concerns about…

Progress on the Ohio River Bridge Project

Officials with the Ohio River Bridges Project just recently released the latest batch of aerial photos, showing the progress of the bridge as of June….

Construction Software is Heading Toward the Cloud

There is a perception that construction software applications are only affordable and needed by large multinational companies working on billion-dollar jobs. However, Daniel De Monte,…

Development in Sustainable Concrete Material

At UCLA an interdisciplinary research team is recycling carbon dioxide in an innovative process to develop sustainable building material. Pour smarter, build stronger.Get the Concrete…

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