In-Place Strength Monitoring of Concrete

Why proper monitoring of concrete strength and maturity is important

Why Proper Monitoring of Concrete Strength and Maturity is Important

One of the most important things to know during a construction project is the strength and maturity of concrete at any given time. Contractors have traditionally relied on lengthy break tests performed in laboratories in order to gather this data, but in recent years, new technology has emerged to enable contractors to gather concrete strength and maturity in-place and in real time.

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New Concrete Testing Technology

Smart sensors for concrete temperature and maturity testing have been around since November 2015 and have enabled engineers, contractors, and construction workers to cut down on time and resources needed to conduct proper strength and maturity tests.

Smart technology in the engineering and construction industry has eliminated many problems that have persisted in the industry for some time, including difficulties sharing project information, compiling data, and lengthy processes for gathering data. These advancements in technology could not have come at a better time as the number of construction projects around the globe increases and become more complex and expensive.

Giatec SmartRock Application for temperature, maturity and strength

Wireless Concrete Maturity Sensors

Wireless concrete temperature sensors like SmartRock remove a lot of the hassle present on jobsites. These sensors allow you to gather strength, maturity, and temperature data in-place and in real time, eliminating the need for to wait longer periods of time for laboratory-based break test results. The elimination of time and resources needed for break tests means contractors save on laboratory costs and are able to move on to the next step of the project as soon as optimal concrete strength and maturity has been reached.

Contractors that use wireless sensors also benefit from the eliminated stress and safety concerns of having to deal with exposed wires on the job site. Exposed wires often get cut during the clean-up process causing damage and rendering your temperature monitoring sensor useless, causing you to lose out on vital data. The elimination of exposed wires and sensors also means workers won’t trip on or damage the sensor cables in any way.

Why Concrete Maturity Data is Important

In-situ concrete maturity data is important to predict the early age strength gain of concrete, which is directly related to the hydration temperature history of cementitious paste. Lack of accurate concrete maturity and strength data can be costly to contractors in multiple ways. Contractors either wait too long for results, losing precious time and elongating the project timeline, or act prematurely by removing formwork and moving on to the next step of the project before optimal results have been achieved. Acting prematurely can result in cracking of the concrete structure reducing its overall strength, causing structural collapse, or in the case of premature floor installation, the accumulation of moisture below the flooring can cause considerable and costly damage to the flooring itself.

How Smart Sensors Improve Construction Projects

In-place strength monitoring of concrete has many advantages including:

    • Quick results and data gathering
    • Cutting down on time required to perform testing
    • Eliminating costs associated to traditional concrete testing methods
    • Easy collaboration and data sharing
    • Streamlined project management
    • Easy access to project data history

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  1. You made a good point when you mentioned the strength and maturity of a concrete need to be identified in order to detect the lifespan of it. There is plenty of monitoring systems in the market that are useful to determine this. Therefore, I would like to think if a company needs to ensure their structural buildings can last long, they should consider getting a monitoring sensor from a reliable supplier.

  2. As an audit engineer you are required to monitor the structural health of an RCC structure. Why is it important to check, the importance of structural audit?

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