Supporting the Local Community Through Quarterly Blood Drives

Blood Drive Group December 2023
Blood Drive Group December 2023

The holiday season is all about giving. At Giatec we strive to find ways to give back and support the community during the holiday season and throughout the year. Our commitment is to stay active and aware of the needs of the local population while continuously making contributions. For many years, Giatec has provided every employee with paid time off to volunteer in the community. We encourage participation by sharing our experiences during our regular team meetings. Moreover, for the last three years, we fundraised for local organizations including the food bank, CHEO, and Ukrainian refugees.

Blood Drive 2023
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In the spirit of helping the community, we began a series of blood drives that engaged our entire team. Blood supply is important for the local health centers, and the Canadian Blood Services is always in need of this vital resource. Unfortunately, during the holiday season, the demand only increases but donations slow down.

Blood Drive 2023 1
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Blood Donations Are in High-Demand

The fire at the Ottawa Hospital General Campus on October 27, 2023, added an extra difficulty for blood supplies. On top of the structural damage, the hospital had a substantial shortage of blood and blood-related products like platelets, and plasma. Unfortunately, the latter were lost in the fire. This situation left the local blood supply at critically low levels leading to the holiday season. In addition, the higher frequency of vacation and travel during the holidays would result in delayed blood donation appointments despite this ever-present demand.

Blood Drive 2023
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This Giatec initiative has helped and will continue to help those in need within our community. We believe that our efforts are providing hospitals with the necessary resources they need to save lives. And as Giatec, we wish those in our community a safe and healthy holiday season! We encourage those who can to support their communities by giving blood or donating to food banks and other initiatives.

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