Giatec Envisions a Better Future Despite the Challenges of Climate Change

HR Climate Change
HR Climate Change

After spending the long cold winter indoors, summer is the season Canadians look forward to the most. Usually, Canadian summers are spent outdoors, enjoying the heat, sun, and fresh air. Unfortunately, the air has been classified as anything but “fresh” in recent years. 

June 2023 began with over 400 wildfires burning throughout Canada, leading to an already unprecedented wildfire season. Those of us who live on the East Coast had to experience some of the worst air quality recorded in the world, and once again, masks were unsheathed to protect ourselves from harmful smoke inhalation. 

This symptom of climate change is just one in a long list that has been increasing in intensity all too rapidly. Every year, the effects of climate change are felt more acutely by more countries worldwide. The dangers facing our earth due to climate change are no longer intangible theories that may come in the distant future. They are real and we are feeling them now. 

While these are scary times and the future remains unknown, this is not a sign to give up and be paralyzed with fear. This is our alarm bell to wake up and take action. Giatec is doing just that.

Giatec’s Vision Is to Revolutionize the Concrete Industry and Make the Planet a Better Place for the Current and Next Generation

A concrete technology company may seem like an odd choice of organization to have a commitment to tackling the issue of climate change. However, it makes perfect sense when you realize that cement (a key and expensive ingredient in the concrete mix) happens to be responsible for 8% of the global CO2 emissions. In contrast, Canada is responsible for contributions of around 1.5% of global emissions.  

Giatec’s revolutionary suite of concrete testing technologies is able to provide an estimated 20% reduction in cement usage – leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions, air pollution, and water usage across the industry. Our long-term goal is the widespread adoption of this technology across the construction industry, leading to a global CO2 reduction of 1.6%. 


Likewise, Giatec’s commitment to sustainability does not stop with our product line. For the past three years, Giatec has hosted its NetZero Construction Conference. This event brings together thought leaders and subject matter experts to present how they are paving the way for a net-zero future in the industry.  

Giatec has also partnered with organizations like One Tree Planted for things like product purchases (planting one tree for each box of SmartRock sensors sold), recruitment fairs (planting one tree for any candidate who scans our QR code at the career fairs we attend), and our NetZero conference (planting one tree per attendee and 100 trees per presenter).

Looking to the Future

Though wildfires continue to burn, they serve as a reminder that action must be taken now. At Giatec, these fires only further fuel our passion and drive to continue innovating the industry, leading to a more sustainable future for all.

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