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Smart Concrete Sensors

Using Electrical Resistivity to Assess Concrete Durability

Giatec April 2015 Newsletter

A 21st Century Solution to our Problems

Bulk Resistivity Testing | A project with RMCAO

Compressive strength and electrical properties of concrete with white Portland cement and blast-furnace slag

Cement-based sensors with carbon fibers and carbon nanotubes for piezoresistive sensing

Easy assessment of durability indicators for service life prediction or quality control of concretes with high volumes of supplementary cementitious materials

Selection of superplasticizer in concrete mix design by measuring the early electrical resistivities of pastes

Electrical conductivity of self-monitoring CFRC

Electrical conductivity of self-monitoring CFRC

Influence of silica fume addition on concretes physical properties and on corrosion behaviour of reinforcement bars

Influence of activated fly ash on corrosion-resistance and strength of concrete