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What is Smart Concrete?

Smart Concrete™ is a value-added solution offered to the ready-mix customers who want to know the strength of concrete in real-time
Concrete mixes of the ready-mix producer can be upsold as Smart™ mixes to the construction companies. Customers install wireless sensors in the formwork and download the dedicated ready-mix producer's app to connect to the sensor. Once connected, they will be able to obtain real-time temperature and strength results on the job site.

Upsell your mixes as Smart Concrete™
All of the producer’s structural concrete mixes can be upsold as Smart™ mixes using the SmartConcrete™ value-added solution. Ready mix producers only need to calibrate their mixes based on the maturity method (ASTM C1074) and add them on the SmartConcrete™ cloud.

Smart Concrete™ enables producers to achieve:
  • Up to 20% increase in profitability
  • Brand differentiation in local market
  • Further expansion and market share
  • Better customer loyalty
Real-time Concrete Strength Monitoring
Ready mix customers install Smart Concrete™ sensors in the formwork and select the name of ready-mix producer in the Smart Concrete™ app. They can then select the name of the mix from the list of Smart™ Mixes to obtain and share real-time concrete strength data on the job site.

Smart Concrete™ makes the construction practice more efficient by offering:
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Mobile-based data collection
  • Labour cost reduction
  • Quick decision making
Jobsite Mix Performance
SmartConcrete™, as an IoT solution in the concrete industry, combines wireless sensors with mobile and cloud applications to make field data available to ready-mix producers. This data can be used for the smart analysis of concrete performance.

In addition, ready-mix producers will have:
  • Online access to users data
  • Project-based mix performance results
Producers offering Smart Concrete™
“Stoneway has successfully offered Smart Concrete to construction companies in Seattle working on high-rise structures and concrete pavements. Contractors immediately see the value as they can obtain real-time strength information on the jobsite through this novel mobile-based technology.”
Greg McKinnon, Operations Manager
Stoneway Concrete
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