SmartRock® 2

Product discontinued: SmartRock 2 is now a Giatec legacy product. Learn more about the SmartRock 3 here.


Rugged & Reliable

Installs directly onto the rebar with no cumbersome wires or expensive data loggers. Temperature and strength readings are immediately sent to an intuitive mobile app.


The Highest Standards

Eliminate reliance on error-prone cylinder break tests. SmartRock estimates concrete maturity accurately based on the ASTM C1074.


Finish Projects Faster

Make critical, real-time decisions during concrete curing. Help crews hit project milestones faster, saving days or weeks off construction schedules.

SmartBox™  | Wireless Concrete Resistivity

Monitor Curing of Concrete in

SmartRock is the most widely used wireless concrete sensor in the world, helping construction companies build structures faster, safely, and more efficiently. These user-friendly sensors are easily installed in the concrete formwork (on the rebar) before pouring to monitor in-situ temperature and maturity according to ASTM C1074. The wire-free logger continuously records the measured temperature of any concrete pour in real-time. These results are then downloaded and analyzed automatically onsite (to determine the in-place concrete strength) using the free SmartRock app (available for both Android/iOS mobile devices).


  • Formwork removal timing
  • Post-tensioning
  • Optimizing curing conditions
  • Saw cutting
  • Controlling quality in the field
  • Monitoring temperature gradients in mass concrete
  • Opening roads to traffic
SmartRock® Concrete Sensor | Previous Generation


  • Real-time data display (e.g. temperature, strength, max-min values, and graphs)
  • Maturity calibration database
  • Free Android and iOS apps for smartphones and tablets
  • Project management tools including live data sharing
  • Full PDF reporting and CSV data exporting
  • Giatec 360 Cloud Dashboard (user/data management, predictive analytics, and more!)
  • Integration with project management applications (e.g. Procore)


  • Wire-free and wireless technology
  • Rugged and waterproof design
  • Easy installation and activation by tying the wires together
  • Extended temperature sensor cable for mass concrete
  • Long battery life
SmartRock® Concrete Sensor | Previous Generation

Accelerate project schedules with
real-time monitoring of concrete
for temperature and concrete strength on-site


Type Value
Reading Range -22 to +181 °F (-30 to 85 °C)
Measurement Accuracy ± 1.8 °F (± 1°C)
Measurement Resolution ± 0.18 °F (± 0.1°C)
Measurement Frequency Once every 15 mins (for 2 months of data)
Wireless Signal Range Up to 26 ft (8 m)
Temperature Cable Length 16 in (40 cm) / 10 ft (3 m)
Battery Life Up to 4 months after installation

How long is the battery life? 

The battery life is about 4 months under room temperature. 

Do MTO and DOTs allow this method of concrete strength measurement? 

The strength estimation according to the concrete maturity method as described in the ASTM C1074 has been specified by many DOTs in the US as well as the CSA. Here is the clause from CSA: 

“ In-place strength Test procedures 
Unless otherwise specified by the owner, the in-place strength shall be determined in accordance with CSA A23.2-14C, CSA A23.2-15C or ASTM C1074 for the purposes of determining: 
(a) when forms shall be removed or when prestressing or post-tensioning shall be applied; (b) when curing shall be terminated; and (c) when re-shores shall be removed.” 

What is the maximum depth I can place the SmartRock? 

We recommend a maximum depth of 2 in (5 cm) to ensure that the signals from the sensor are strong enough. The signal strength weakens as you place the sensor deeper. 

Can I get SmartRock with longer thermocouple cables? 

Yes. Please ask for customized length when you are ordering your SmartRock package. You can get this cable as long as 10 ft. 

Find out more about SmartRock at our Resources page.

Looking For the Newly
Re-Engineered Version?

Check out our brand new SmartRock® 3 sensor

SmartRock® | Concrete Temperature and Strength Maturity Sensor
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SmartRock® | Concrete Temperature and Strength Maturity Sensor
Concor Construction
SmartRock® | Concrete Temperature and Strength Maturity Sensor
SmartRock® | Concrete Temperature and Strength Maturity Sensor
SmartRock® | Concrete Temperature and Strength Maturity Sensor
SmartRock® | Concrete Temperature and Strength Maturity Sensor
SmartRock® | Concrete Temperature and Strength Maturity Sensor
SmartRock® | Concrete Temperature and Strength Maturity Sensor

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

SmartRock® Concrete Sensor | Previous Generation

1 Tag Sensor

Activate the sensor and tag each one in your SmartRock app by project and section.

SmartRock® Concrete Sensor | Previous Generation

2 Install & Pour

Secure the sensor to the rebar in the formwork and pour concrete as usual.

SmartRock® | Concrete Temperature and Strength Maturity Sensor

3 View Results

Open the SmartRock app to view concrete strength and temperature data in real-time or remotely using SmartHub.

SmartRock® is #1
and we can prove it!

Experience the world’s #1 concrete sensor.

Get Real-Time Data with SmartRock®

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