The World’s Leading Wireless Sensor
for Temperature and Strength Monitoring

Robust & Fully
Embedded Sensor

  • Truly wireless and wire-free
  • Quick, simple, and secure installation
  • Designed for harsh weather conditions

Intuitive & Easy-to-Use
Mobile & Web Apps

  • Real-time and remote data monitoring 24/7
  • Proactive custom alerts and smart notifications
  • Easy live data sharing and PDF/CSV reporting

More Than a Sensor: a Complete Solution

  • Sensor
  • App
  • Roxi AI
  • SmartHub
  • 360 Dashboard

SmartRock Sensor

A Truly Wireless Concrete Sensor

Tag and install the sensor on any project in just a few minutes. SmartRock is fully-embedded in the concrete, eliminating any possibility of damage occurring in harsh construction conditions after you pour.

  • Wireless and wire-free
  • Hassle-free and secure installation
  • Easy activation with LED light verification
  • Designed to withstand the harshest weather and construction conditions
  • Direct embedded-sensor-to-phone signal range up to 40 ft (12 m)
  • Remote monitoring using SmartHub
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SmartRock Mobile App

Profoundly Simple-to-Use Mobile Access

The SmartRock mobile app provides real-time access to concrete data either on the jobsite through direct communication with the sensor, or remotely via the SmartHub system.

  • Tag sensors quickly and efficiently via QR code
  • Get real-time and remote temperature, maturity, and strength data
  • Organize sensors by project and pour/section
  • Receive proactive custom alerts and smart notifications
  • Create and organize concrete maturity calibration database
  • Easily generate complete PDF/CSV reports to share with team members
  • Free download for Android and iOS devices
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Roxi AI™

Built-In Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Roxi is the first machine learning algorithm for concrete materials that has been trained with millions of data points to offer smart suggestions and detect anomalies in concrete performance.

  • Eliminate human error and increase confidence in accuracy of strength test results
  • Proactively detect maturity calibration errors
  • Predict concrete properties and automatically detect pouring time
  • Set-up proactive custom alerts and smart notifications for different thresholds
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Optional 24/7 Remote Monitoring Device

SmartRock sensor data is easily accessed and analyzed through direct wireless communication with your mobile device. If you need to access your concrete data without visiting the jobsite, simply install the SmartHub unit in the field and get sensor data automatically collected and sent to you via LTE network.

  • Track the status of your pour at anytime, from anywhere, on any device
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted data collection 24/7 (unlike other hub devices)
  • Never lose project data, even if the SmartHub battery dies or gets damaged on the jobsite
  • Flexible onsite installation
  • Receive custom alerts and smart notifications
  • Completely synch data between your mobile device and Giatec 360 dashboard
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360 Dashboard

Cloud-Based Project Dashboard

Giatec 360™ is a complete project management tool with advanced data analytic capabilities for evaluating your concrete mixes, monitoring the status of different projects, and gaining detailed insights into concrete temperature and strength data.

Basic Free Plan
  • Manage multiple projects in one dashboard
  • Manage user access levels to sensitive project data
  • Receive custom alerts and smart notifications
Optional Premium Plan
  • Analyze SmartRock sensor data
  • Get deeper insights into the performance of concrete
  • Receive real-time concrete strength prediction
  • Analyze temperature gradients for your thermal control plan
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Project Data Integration

SmartRock can be easily integrated with any construction project management software. Automatically populate data on concrete quality on your preferred platform to generate action items and triggers on the next steps of your construction project.

  • The only concrete IoT sensor integrated with Procore’s dashboard
  • View and share all SmartRock data directly on your project management software
  • REST API to develop customized reports and data analytics
  • Manage projects and pouring status in one location
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Used in More Construction Sites Around the World
Than Any Other Concrete Sensor

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With SmartRock, all you’re paying for is the sensor. Everyone on the jobsite has a phone so there’s no need for an expensive reader. Overall (SmartRock™) is a great cost-efficient product.
Ryan Janowicz

Lead Project Engineer, Wanzek Construction Inc.

It was very easy and self-explanatory. No need even for training. It took me 30 minutes to install 10 sensors. Anyone on my jobsite could do it.
Frank Hoffmann

Superintendent, Graham

By the time you get lab results from the first cylinder break, you could already have met strength without knowing it.
Shawn Kitt

Superintendent, PCL

We've been able to save owners and contractors tons of time and money with SmartRock since 2015 and are impressed with the continuous improvements of both the hardware and software. It is our go-to technology for every concrete project.
Walter H. Flood

Principal Engineer, Flood Testing Laboratories

This more advanced sensor will make it 10 times easier for our customers to use. Plus, additional functionality added to Giatec’s artificial intelligence tool, Roxi, helps us eliminate human error. We’re excited to get it out on the field.
Patrick Frawley, P.E

Director of Quality Assurance Central Concrete Supply, U.S. Concrete Inc.

How SmartRock Helps

Buildings & High Rise Projects

Forget about waiting for break test results. With consistent real-time data, never have project delays by knowing when to remove formwork and move on to the next floor as early as possible.

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Bridge Construction

Whether you are doing accelerated bridge construction or UHPC joint fillings, avoid unnecessary costs and delays associated with testing labs and wired loggers with accurate, real-time data and gain more insights into the strength of your concrete than ever before.

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Mass Concrete Pours

Closely monitor temperature gradients of your concrete elements and get alerts on temperature differential thresholds with Giatec 360 and follow your thermal control and curing plan without any of the hassle of cumbersome wired sensors, loggers, and thermocouples.

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Highways, Roads, & Concrete Pavement

Accepted by the majority of DOTs, collect temperature and strength data right on your mobile device and in remote areas using SmartRock sensors and the SmartHub device. With updates every 15 minutes prevent delays and open roads to traffic earlier.

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To prevent cracking and unnecessary delays timing is everything when pulling cables in post-tensioned concrete elements. As the most accurate method of measuring concrete strength onsite, the maturity method will eliminate your reliance on field-cured break tests, so you know right away when your concrete is ready for tensioning.

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