Top Post of 2022: Concrete Sensors: A Technology Still in Its Infancy

Concrete Sensors: A Technology Still in Its Infancy
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Contractors can utilize a concrete sensor to gain inside knowledge of what exactly is happening in their concrete, like a health monitor or a Fitbit stuck inside producing vital readouts of the inner workings of the mix reporting on temperature, and analyzing data to estimate maturity levels.

The placement of a concrete sensor device is traditionally anchored or tied to the reinforcement in an array providing data back to contractors. This data can then be analyzed, and a few conclusions can be estimated based on the results. Similar to the seemingly uncountable sensors utilized in today’s modern vehicles, the concrete sensor works by detecting data and sending it to a computer for analysis. Where the vehicle sensors grab information on temperature and pressures (and more) to a more centralized “brain,” the concrete sensor works in a similar fashion. However, the technology is still young in construction.

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