The Shortlist Nominees for the 2020 IoT Global Awards Are…

WeKnow Media Ltd, the award organisers, are pleased to announce the shortlist nominees of the 2020 IoT Global Awards!

“It’s a sign of the IoT Global Awards’ growth and the maturity of the Internet of Things that the Editors have faced their biggest challenge yet in shortlisting the award Entries,” says Jeremy Cowan, chair of the 2020 IoT Global Awards.

“Despite the pandemic, the number of entries has grown in almost every category, and so has the quality. This year the Editors of IoT Now Magazine and have faced a huge task in whittling down the entries to a Shortlist.”

The award organisers are proud to reveal that the shortlist nominees for the world’s leading IoT Awards are:

Industry & Construction

  • Senseye – Senseye PdM
  • Transatel – Transatel’s solution to enrich Private LTE/5G networks for a managed, secure, and cost-effective global IoT connectivity service
  • IoT.nxt – IoT.nxt – Industry Defining Technology
  • Miguel Corporate Services Pte Ltd – MATION UNIFIED ARCHITECTURE PLATFORM
  • Tata Consultancy Services – TCS Logistics Optimizer
  • Octonion SA – Octonion Machine Intelligence
  • Giatec Scientific Inc. – AI Supported and IoT-Based Wireless Concrete Sensors
  • ffly4u – Creator of critical business data for Industry
  • DevicePilot – DevicePilot service monitoring for EV charging
  • Rockwell Automation – Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk InnovationSuite Simplifying Digital Transformation
  • Symphony AzimaAI – 3rd Generation AI for Machine Prediction & Prescription – APM 360
  • Digi International – Digi IX20 4G LTE Router


Congratulations to all the shortlist nominees!

The final stage of the competition is judged by an independent and international panel of VIP Judges, who must choose from up to 12 entries in each of the 11 categories.

The Winners of the 2020 IoT Global Awards will be announced on Thursday, November 19th on and shared by our media partners, IoT News Asia, Internet of Business, Geo Connexion, iSCOOP and IoT For All via their own portals and social networks.

We would also like to say a special thank you to our Sponsors for the 2020 Awards, MultiTech, for their kind support.

Finally, the award organisers would like to thank all those who entered their IoT products, services and individuals in this year’s awards – we hope to see you again in 2021!

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